Base PP


In Conan The Rpg Atlantean Edition we calculate the PP point of a character in this way...
BPP = 4 + wisdom modifier + Scholar Bonuses

So a character with 26 wisdom has 4 + 8 = 12 PP and assuming that he is 20 level he will take also 5 PP bonus from his Scholar level. So in total he will have 12+5= 17.

In Scrolls of Skelos there are statistics for wizards and for example a 20level wizard with 26 wisdom (pp.109) has "base 6, wis 8, scholar 5" so in total 19
how is that possible?

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You're not the first person to ask this question. My answer is that the example NPC scholar has most likely survived one or more Sorcerous Obsessions and gained the extra two PP that way. I imagine that most Scholars above level 10 have had to deal with at least one Obsession.

It is also possible that there may exist other ways of permanently increasing one's base PP: wicked artifacts or dark rituals spring to mind. When it comes to magic in the Hyborian age i look at the rules presented as meerly a foundation to expand upon, not the be-all-end-all of supernatural knolwedge. But that is me getting sidetracked from the origional question. In the RAW a Obsession is the easiest and simplest way to increase one's base PP.

Hope that helps.
Argo yes you helped me:) i thought i could add some PP to a characted that has a wicked artifact but i thought (because i do not see any artifact that could do this at his posses) that was something wrong:))
Tristan the dabbler feat is only for non scholar characters. Dabbler feat is for those caracters who learn to use magic through experiance and not through study:)
Tristan said:
I might have this wrong, but as I understand it, getting the Dabbler feat gives you +2 PP.

Yes but only if you do not already have a BPP reserve. Fruthermore if you check the Scholar class description you will see that it states that if the scholar already has a BPP reserve from some other source (such as Dabler) then the BPP he gains is 2 + Wis mod + class bonus. So you can't use the Dabler feat to get more PP regardless of which way you come at it.

And Dabler can be a usefull feat even for scholars. One feat gives you access to a broad number of spells (counterspells and divination both have many good spells that are only usefull once in a while) and the ability to call on the right one when you need it thus freeing you up to follow other sorcery styles instead. Without Dabbler no single scholar could ever have access to every style.

Hope that helps.