My group made it through the Caverns of Kalte a little too easily. So, I'm making sure Chasm of Doom is a little harder. Here's what I've got planned for Barraka:

Barraka, Vassagonian Prince
Aristocrat 4/Psychic Adept 7/Warrior 7

Basic Stats
End Dice: 7d6+11d8+40 (120 End)

Initiative: +3

Move: 20'

AC: 20 (FF 17)

Psychic Stats
Willpower: 24
Psychic AC: 26
Psychic Combat Skill: +9

Full Attack (Falchion plus Dagger of Vashna Off-Hand)

Full Attack (Falchion Only)

Dagger of Vashna vs Disarm Attempts: +24

Falchion: 2d4+6 18-20/x2 (2d4+7 when wielded in two hands)
Dagger of Vashna: 1d4+1d6+10 Grievous*

Special Abilities
Weapon of Choice (Falchion)
Born to the Sword (Falchion)
Toughness +4
Mindblast Tier III
Instinctive Shield
Rank and Privelege

Fort: +10
Ref: +8
Will: +12

Ability Scores
Str: 16
Dex: 16
Con: 14
Int: 14
Wis: 12
Cha: 15

Bluff: +12
Diplomacy: +12
Intimidate: +17
Handle Animal: +7
Knowledge (Arcana): +13
Knowledge (Royalty and Nobility): +17
Occult: +14
Perception: +9
Ride: +13
Sense Motive: +11
Languages: Vassan, Sommlend, North Speak, Duroth

Superior Breastplate
Superior Falchion
Dagger of Vashna
Mastercrafted Dagger
Mastercrafted Light Shield**

*I have modified the Dagger of Vashna from it's original stats. It now gains +1d6 Darklord-fire damage, and does not automatically kill. Instead, it follows the standard rules for Darklord weapons found in the Lone Wolf rulebook.

**Since Barraka enters combat wielding two weapons, the shield has not been included in his combat stats.

That should give my group something to think about. :twisted:
Wow, that's gonna be a tough battle. Don't you love being DM. :twisted: Anyway, nice job, I definitely like the revised Dagger. It might be less powerful than other Darklord weapons (I dunno, haven't seen their stats) but that can be justified in that it's not being wielded by a Darklord. I hope your players bring plenty of potions. :wink:
Yeah, my dagger revision was for two equally important reasons: First, the group has to face it, and with instant kill, they wouldn't be doing so for long; secondly, they will then get to wield it, an a character getting instant kills of his own all the time would be a tad unbalancing.
Yeah, when I run it I will probably make it so it acts as basically a strong normal dagger for PCs usually. It never seemed particularly powerful for lone wolf... but its powers will kick in when in the presence of a Darklord or Doomstone.
Just out of curiosity, how powerful are your PCs? Lone Wolf was canonically 8th level - I can only assume yours are more powerful than that with an 18th level boss to fight. :)
They're tenth level. Additionally, I wouldn't rate Barraka as a true 18th level character, given his classes are all supporting roles: including 4 of Aristocrat, and 7 Psychic Adept. The former provides only a bit of End and some BCS, while the latter is much the same, plus his Psychic defense and moderate Psychic attack.

All that said, I expect it to be a tough fight, and they'll certainly have to fight smart in order to minimise the threat posed by the Dagger of Vashna (which is really the only thing that makes Barraka a truly significant threat).

If they can disarm him, or prevent opportunities for Full Attacks, they shouldn't fare too badly. If they just charge in, there will almost certainly be some PC deaths.
SableWyvern said:
If they can disarm him, or prevent opportunities for Full Attacks, they shouldn't fare too badly. If they just charge in, there will almost certainly be some PC deaths.

Or if they use a Flask of Holy Water. From memory, the item destroyed Bakkar, though I can't remember where you found it.
Yeah, I'm not going to let that happen, though. Not because I'm cruel, but because the group is itching for a more challenging fight. If they do think to use the holy water, it will succeed at disarming Barraka, and probably do something like 6d6 damage as it blows most of his hand off. Enough to benefit them for their ingenuity, while still leaving a worthy adversary that they need to defeat.
hey sable, how many pc's in your group, and what are their classes?
Just curious to see how other ppl are playing.
Xex said:
hey sable, how many pc's in your group, and what are their classes?
Just curious to see how other ppl are playing.

Hey Xex: I know you didn't ask me, but I've got an online game going, and currently have three players: a Kai, a Brother, and a Dwarven Gunner of Bor (who will be starting in the next session).
Xex said:
Ah holmes; do you play in a chat room, pbem or pbp?

ICQ / Chatroom. We have a set meeting day/time each week... The only way to go I reckon... :lol: I've been very pleased at how well this format is working. It moves slower than being 'at the table' together, but fast enough, I think. It helps that all of us can touchtype. And "notes" can be passed using direct messages.

The Kai and the Brother are in the process of saving a Border Ranger Tower in the Durncrag from the depredations of a rampaging acolyte of Tagazin. They're a good group, and work well together. I've really been enjoying myself, and been giving the ruleset a good shaking down. I've been very pleased to discover that the rules are as 'tight' as they are. :D
Hey Sable,

A couple of questions. What level did you start your following of the books adventures at? You said that the characters are 10th level before they reach Baraka so Im assuming fairly high?

As you know Im writing a conversion of the Shadow on the Sand book and I just wanted to fit in with everything you are doing as well.

I've found so far that most of the books will just become dungeon crawls over varying terrain in order to follow the series.

For those of you who are interested in the process I have a couple of documents up on and will continually update with both Sable and my (and anyone else who wants to contribute) resources there.


elSpike out.

Oh, if anyone would like to colate the monsters in the monsters thread, I would be happy to format them, pdf them and post them up.

And if any of you are artists we'd love to get you involved in prettying up the documents that are being produced.
5 regular players: Kai Lord, Sommlending Knight, Brotherhood Mage, Shadaki Buccaneer, Telchos Warrior (with one level in Knight).

1 irregular player: Dessi Mage

1 theoretical player who hasn't made it to a session yet: Dwarven Gunner.

The player with the Knight was a Kai Lord until mid-way through the second session, after which he was a dead Kai Lord.

Started at level 4. The PCs are gaining 2 levels per book for the first four books, then one level per book thereafter. I'm not sure whether I'll bump them up a bit when I move into the Grandmaster books.

The benefit with this system is that things start pretty close to where Lone Wolf did, they get tough enough quickly enough to face some of the fairly serious threats coming along, and they advance exactly with Lone Wolf throughout the Magnakai series.

This means the group will be 12th level going into Shadow on the Sand. Oh, and I'm keeping the Sommerswerd out of their hands until book 6 (the group having faced a Darklord, the King will realise the weapon is best served in the hands of the one who can actually wield it, and who may get into situations where he needs it).

Regarding dungeon crawling, yes and no. Flight from the Dark definitely was; Fire on the Water was definitely not (and was immensely enjoyed by my group). I think there is a tendancy to be dungeon-crawl oriented, but there are really strong roleplaying opportunities whenever the crawl-factor lowers. Certainly, the entire campaign is very metaplot driven.

I haven't had a look at Shadow on the Sands recently, but I am very much hoping it falls into the not-so-much a dungeon crawl category.

It's worth noting that my conversion of Fire on the Water was far less a "move to encounter #" style of adventure. This certainly helps lower the crawl-factor, although whether or not this is possible in any particluar case depends on the nature of the pre-existing plot.
Shadow has sections of craw, and sections of freeform. The most opportunity for the freeform being in the streets of Barrakeesh in part one. I am trying to work up a complete map and resulting description of the thieves/dock quarter of Barakeesh and many sub adventures as part of that. I am almost done with a supplimental sea battle during their journey from Holmguard to Barrakeesh which should pit the players against some truely scary foes.

Sable, do you have any notes on the undead ships in Book two when they return from Durenor? I would be interested in the stats you used for them.

I will pitch my adventure for players from 10 - 14th level with enough experience to jump two levels in that case.

elSpike out.
elSpike @ REMOVE
Actually, I'm only planning a single-level advance after Shadow on the Sands. I haven't actually bothered calculating or balancing the experience earned from any of my conversion though, so how much is available won't really bother me.