Bad Jump - Both penalties apply at once if END and INT failed?



If a character fails both the END and the INT checks for a Bad Jump (p.142) in the Companion, should penalties stack or just take the worst one for each duration?

e.g. Lance failed END by 3 and INT by 2

Should he therefore have:
DM-3 to all checks for x hours, then DM-2 for the rest of the trip on mental/social skills
DM-5 to all mental/social skill checks and DM-3 to all other skill checks for x hours then DM-2 for the rest of the trip on mental/social skills

Cheers in advance for any help.


Cosmic Mongoose
Stream of consciousness thinking here... gimme a sec while I weigh the pros and cons.
-5 on skill checks is pretty brutal.
OTOH, a Misjump is going to effect people pretty severely.
In my games, I don't put a specific skill modifier on it. I DO have everyone make an END and INT check to see if they have any physical or mental symptoms. The degree of failure dictates the skill negatives as a write in the effects to the story. So Lance would be suffering from severe nausea or maybe motor control issues and he's probably getting a little delusional... 'Gremlins are trying to get in from outside the hull', that sort of thing. Therefore Lance is NOT the guy you want working on the jump drive just this minute... But he has a good chance to shake off the effects in a reasonable amount of time. You don't want to cripple your Engineer when he's the only guy that can save the party.
Where I differ from the Companion is that in my games Misjump trauma is cumulative, but slowly. Depending on how badly you blow it on your saves, you could stack up permanent negative disads to future Misjump trauma. A normal failure might give a -0.5 on the next Misjump [two Misjump trauma fails = DM -1 on the third]. But rolling a 12... a 'fumble' so to speak... might mean permanent damage to body or psyche, depending on the needs of the story. I mean, those lunatics who worship the Jumpspace Gods gotta come from somewhere, right?


What I did in the end was apply whichever was highest.
One poor pc had -5 to his rolls for 5 hours - in the meantime one of their passengers had gone loopy and shot another one, then tried to blow up the ship.
They handled it really well and managed to save both unfortunates despite only one pc being completely unaffected by the bad jump.