Babylon 5 RPG Club


Hey. :)

If you don't mind, I'll promote the Babylon 5 RPG Club, named Proxima Fleet. It's based on The Babylon Project (freespace2 TC).

Some Info:

The Proxima Fleet is (or will be) like a club/clan, but more involved. The aim is to recreate the life of an Officer or Pilot in Earthforce. This means Squadrons & Ships, ranks, positions and career progression, it means medals and awards, a salary system, a military "way" of running things etc.

More than that, its a club for fans of Babylon 5 and The Babylon Project. Activity ranges from flying missions & campaigns, writing fiction, creating graphics, communicating with fellow members via IRC, message boards, email etc, all of which is recognised and rewarded.

To my knowledge, nothing like this has been done for Babylon 5 (unlike Star Wars, which has a lot of clubs like this), except for 303 Squadron (which is on a somewhat smaller scale).

These are still early days, with a lot of work still to be done. I'm looking for all the interest and help I can get. People with skills such as mission creation (FRED), graphics, webpages, databases etc are sorely needed. But the bulk of the club will be focused on pilots, who enjoy flying more than anything.

Right now, we have some one working on the main site and graphics.

Some Links:
Proxima Fleet Forums
Pilot's Manual (WIP)
The Babylon Project (FS2 TC)

If you have any questions or you're interested visit the Club Forums or post here.


PS. I hope this isn't too off topic..

We have new forums. Link updated.
Slowly because most of the developers are busy with RL, etc.

But Proxima Fleet isn't dying, though the forums doesn't have much activity right now. But stay tuned people. ;)

I'm looking for a few good fighter pilots. As well as Fighter Commanders.

If anyone's interested, click the link above.
We really hope that we can have our main site up soon plus few other things.
Then we can show people that we mean business. :p