Babylon 5 Minitures


I have to say, the Minbari warrrior caste minitures are spectacular. I ordered some last week and have them undercoated.

Just want to know how many other poeple got them and with what intentions in mind?

I bought them for a side project that I lost interest in. Now I consider doing a Babylon 5 RPG but minitures in RPGs don't appeal to me. I am also thinking of writing rules for a Babylon 5/ Space Hulk stlye game. It has potential. But would a game like this be pushing the babylon 5 license. We already have a clal to arms, the RPG, and pretty soon war without end.

Again, beautiful models. Wow.

Looking forward to seeing the Centauri guard (Whatever the delay might be). I may just collect one of each type.

Thanks for listening.
Given that I missed the Mongoose Open Day in Swindon I'll have to wait until Salute to pick them up.

Glad to see that they are as good in the flesh as they appear on net.


The M inbari have been out in stores for about a month IIRC, the NArn for about a fortnight.

Shame about the Centauri delay.