[B52E] ETA Full Season Guide

Mouth of Sauron said:
Hopefully no time soon. :D :D :D

I hope it is sson, if only for the 2E players who post date the 1st edition, how else are they going to get S1 stats without buyiong the 1E Core book?


I wanto to know the status ofthe full season guide... It will be my birthday in september and I need to know if I put 1st edition seasons guides in the birthday list or if I can hope to have the 2nd edition. I would prefer to have the 2nd edition cause I suppose it would have all equipments/feats/characters in 2nd edition but If I cannot have it, I suppose I can manage a few conversions myself :wink:

Any news so ?
Well, what's the news? Any news at all? This book is still listed in at least two online-stores (scifigenre.com and paizo.com), though no date is set for it's release. What gives?

I am looking forward to this release, even though I allready have all the 1. ed. stuff. :p
I am waiting with bated breath...
Waylander. said:
What is the status for the full season guide ?

i was told Indefinitely Postponed a few months back, which i suppose is Mongeeze for it could appear at ANY time :)
Hi guys,

Now we have our own printing facility, this sort of project is certainly doable - it just comes down to a question of time, as it will be a big one!

We'll have another look at this in 2008.