B52E errata



I've nearly finished my B52E reading and spot a few mistakes, typos etc.

Is an errata underway along the conversion document or my I help (provided I fin the time to) ?
Agents 7th level ability left off table.

How come they don't get the technical skill or Security systems ability anymore. Who is going to look for the traps now?

Loved the space combat rules, now you just find what you want to do and it tells you how.
A few things wich could be either errata or questions which can be put in a FAQ :

Races chapter (page 22 to 33).

- League Races not included : does the other league race which were presented in the league sourcebook or other supplements, wil be presented as playable race : Gaim, Vree, Cascor, Hurr etc.

- Drazi template : the -2 to Wis from 1st edition become a -2 to int in 2nd edition. is it a typo ? the conversion notes in appendix B say the only change is the bonus feat.

- Minbari template : no template is given for the casteless minbari (see the minbari federation fact and ressource book), should we keep the endurance free bonus feat ?

Class chapter (34 to 57)

- influence rule : when you progress in level and you can choose +2 to any 2 influence, can you choose your main influence ? can you choose to have only one influence at +4 instead of two at +2 ?
- credits : if you create character which are higher than 1st level, how do you determie the starting credits ?
- p.37 : the level 7 agent class feature is missing
- p.38 : diplomat in 1st edition had spot and listen in their class's skills. The do not have Notice in 2nd ed.... Is it a mistake ?
- p.45 : rangers : if we could have a guideline for knowing which race can be ranger and when
- p.48 : Alien Technology Class Feature : this ability can negate the -4 non-familiarity penalty for using equipment of another specific race

1- the "worth" should be deleted and replaced with the word "with"
2- I have searched and saw nowhere this non-familiarity penalty for foreign culture equipment

- p.53 : the level 8 telepath class feature is missing
- p.56 : Vocation Bonus worker class feature : does it applies to ONE class skill or all class skills ?

to be continued, I must resume working :wink:
OK found out about agent and sceurity systems. Now sabotage skill. Great I can officially sabotage things. This time I must remember to disable the security cameras first.