Atlantean typos


Has anyone noticed typos in the Atlantean Edition, id don, at least one.
On page 40, in the xp and lvl dependent benefits chart it says cross class skills max rank without intelligent points. I though that you didn’t add your intelligent points to max rank. Can any one correct me if I am wrong?

As I understand it, at first level, class skills cannot be higher than 4 ranks.
Cross-class skills cannot br higher than 2 ranks, if bought with standard skill points.
Bonus points from INT can buy cross class skills on a 1 for 1 basis, subject to the overall max of 4 ranks (or level +3).

Only have 1st level PCs at the moment, and don't have the book in front of me, or I'd have made a less level-specific example!

Perhaps this is why important NPC's have had more Skill points then they "should" in some of the books, although it still doesn't explain how "Picts on the Warpath" have 9 points in Hide and 4 Feats at first level. Any explanations regarding this?

Keep in mind I don't have the Atlantean edition yet so if things are cleared up there please mention it.
Same way regular Barbarians do, I'd imagine. :)

Regular 1st lvl Barbarians get thier 1st lvl Feat plus Track, Fearless and Versatility (the latter of which is different from Pictish Versatility although the same benefit for different weapons). Picts seemingly have Track (as regular), Versatility (albeit a differnt sort), Stealth and Point Blank and Rapid Shot as 1st lvl Pictish Barbarians. They just have a differnt array of free Feats.

My guess is the two shooting style Feats off-set (in the minds of trhe writers) the less effective Versatility compared to the standard Barbarian Class. I think it's a fair trade. Normal Barbarians are decent with any Improvised Weapon and get better through levels. Picts are better at ranged combat (look at that DEX!).

By the notation at the bottom of page 298, they level as Barbarians, so I'd guess the subsequent free Feats followed the standard levels, but I'd also expect there to be a lot more about Picts when the book on them comes out.