Aslan Travellers


Cosmic Mongoose
Just looking through the Pirates of Drinax book for Aslan, in advance of potentially starting the campaign with some friends.

Quick question - If I'm getting this correctly, the Aslan don't get any Background Skills like a human character does?

I get that Rite of Passage can potentially give you a permanent +DM to qualification, and (whilst you're not allowed to swap careers that often) you are not penalised for previous careers, so your actual career should in theory go better (unless you screw up the Rite of Passage roll*, which seems like the single most important roll in the character creation process!), but that does seem to leave an Aslan character with a shortage of level 0 skills in terms of the Drive 0/Electronics 0/Language 0 'basic functioning in a technological society' type skills.

Does the 5th term** balance this out, in people's experience?

* Those reading between the lines may guess what happened the first time I did a test roll for an Aslan character to get my head around the process - an '11' is the single worst roll possible (since at least with a '12' it's a double and you at least get END+1 as a consolation prize....
** Since the 6th term comes with a DM-12 ageing roll that on average is going to drop every single physical characteristic by 2 and it's going to get worse from there, I'm assuming most aslan players 'cash in' at 36!


Emperor Mongoose
They still get background skills. Note the text: "Traveller creation for Aslan follows the same procedures and concepts as described in the Traveller Core Rulebook." They just didn't bother to reprint the background skills table since it's superfluous.