Aslan Ihatei and human territory


Cosmic Mongoose
I am about to start a Shaodws of Sindal campaign and I realized I am a little fuzzy on Ihatei and Aslan control on human populated worlds. I know the Glorious Empire has human slaves, but the Aslan Hierate does not.
So if Ihatei build up enough of a population on a world with humans on it. What is their behaviour towards the humans? Are the humans taken over and become second class citizens? Pay a special tax?

The Arunisiir profile book describes Aslan Oligarchs ruling over conquered human, but not a lot of detail.

Is there a book somewhere that better describes how the 'Aslan menace' operates? I want some nice color commentary for the Grehai meetings.
Humans who live by Aslan cultural rules are treated as equal Aslan, no second class citizens - this is clearly stated in CT, GT and MT sources.

Humans who do not accept Aslan rule are treated as clan-less outcastes - they are not slaves and they are not eaten (both ideas are preposterous if you go by CT. GT and MT sources)