Aslan distance measurement


Banded Mongoose
I'm trying to find whether Aslan distance measurement units (equivalent to the human meter/foot/etc) have been set anywhere in canon. There doesn't appear to be anything in PoD or "Aliens of Charted Space", but I don't have access to 1st edition material or most other Traveller canon. Anyone have any idea?

(I'm trying to write an article for JTAS, and don't want it to conflict with the existing body of work.)


Banded Mongoose
I am pretty confident that GURPS Traveller: Alien Races 2 is the only source to tackle this.

aiyfta: “thumb width,” roughly 1.25” or 3 cm.
khaufta: “man-height,” about 6 feet or 2 meters.
areiaaofta: “sprint,” the distance an Aslan can run in 1 areiaao, roughly 150 yards.
eakhaufta: “day- marches,” the distance an Aslan can walk in a Kusyu day, about 45 miles.


Cosmic Mongoose
Concur. Garnfellow found it before I got around to it.
GURPS Traveller: Alien Races 2, p.32
Also covers weights:
"Light goods (e.g., hand weapons or joints of meat) are weighed in fiyftakhau –
“morsel,” about 1/4 lb. – or truftakhau – “mealweight,” about 4 lbs. Heavy goods
(e.g., starship cargo) are weighed in fteftakhau – “manweight,” or about 200 lbs."