Armour Piercing Question


In pp 153 Conan The Role Playing Game Atlantean Edition it says...
" If a character suffers a hit from a weapon whose total Armour Piercing score equals or exceeds the damage reduction score of his armour, then the damage reduction provided by the armour is halved for purposes of that blow"
Does this mean that the next round this reduction (halved) of the protection provided by the armour will be canceled?So if someone has an scale hauberk that provides him with 6 damage reduction and someone with a weapon whose armour piercing is 6 and hits, for this round the damage reduction of the scale will be 3 and the next round will be again 6??
I think this is not possible because when a weapon has 6 armour piercing that means it can "damage" the scale hauberk and the reduction of this damage will remain until the wearer fix it!Anyone can help me with it?:)

Thank You
The reduced DR due to AP only applies for that specific hit. While this can represent damage to armour, chances are the next hit against that character will hit a different location. Further, the damage inflicted may not greatly reduce the armour's overall effectivness.

For example, a mace hit to chainmail may barely damage the armour at all. However, chain links being driven into the targets flesh is still going to cause damage to him. The next attack, however, could still be deflected just as easily.

Similarly, a warhammer may merely sneak through gaps in the armour, or make a small hole or dent. This won't degrade the armour in any noticeable fashion.

When armour is damaged due to taking 20hp damage from a single attack, this damage is permanent until repaired.