Yes up for grabs is ARMGEDDON 2089 + EVERY EXPANSION for sale. Check this out if you want to buy. I was selling these a while ago but a friend bought them off of me so I took the auction off ebay. I have another set which is brand new and is unwanted. Also included is the D&D 3rd edition rulebook so you can get playing straight away. Check it out:

Also up for grabs again is another set of SIGNS & PORTENTS ISSUES 1-20 so check this out here:

Please note both of these sets are brand new and haven't been used.
Good luck!!!!!
Intersting, same photo as the last lot, and the PHB in the photo is v3.5 not 3rd edition as your post here says. The e-bay description also pegs it as 3.5. Which is it?

How many copies of A:2089 do you have? Considering how badly you were slagging off the game on another thread I must say I'm surprised

I dont have to explain myself to you - you come across as being a bit cheeky too me. Course its the same photo - im not going to take another one if ive already got one am i? The D&D handbook is 3.5 and yes I was slagging off the game. The reason I have 2 copies is beacause I won a copy in a competition so dont start being cheeky when you know nothing about it.

BTW, any particular reason that the p&p is £3 more for this Armageddon lot than the last (seemingly identical) one?

My friend from york bought a copy off me and the postage and packing came to £15 so i lost out on £3 - that is why the P&P is £15 this time.

ANyway I dont have to explain myself to you guys - if you want it put in a bid - if you dont then shut up.
Yessir Mr Sprange.

I asked questions, I got answers. I'm happy. I didn't mean to be cheeky, I was being a cautious shopper. I apologise if I caused offence. I'll take stants last bit of advice and shut up now. Me and my wallet both!

Looks like I wasn't the only one.

The following statements are facts, no cheekiness is intended but draw from them what you will:

1) The lot has been relisted here:

2) The p&p for the first lot was £12

3) The p&p for this lot the first time it was listed was £15

4) Stants explained this as when he posted the first lot it actually cost him £15 and so he lost money on that first sale.

5) The p&p for the second lot relist is now £10

Ponder at your leisure . . . . .

Haha yer the reason being that the postage is now £10 is because they didn't sell. Rather than reduce the price of the sale as im not selling them for less than £50 I decided to reduce the postage instead. Not by much but just for a tenner. Why are you all having a go at me??? Jesus im only trying to sell some books and yet youre all taking it far too seriously. Chill out guys and no doubt some other moron will comment on this in an absurd and interesting way. Leave it out - im only trying to sell some books so dont start getting dilpomatic on me? Ok lets see what you have to say about this - another ignorant comment probably.
I wasn't having a go at you joe90/stants. I even said at the start of my last post that I was just stating facts.

If you're having trouble seling them, personally I would drop the price and keep the P&P at what it is. Everyone I know accepts that p&p is what it is and is an accepted expense when buying from e-bay.

What I'm trying to say is that if it costs £15 to post the books, say that and charge that. Quote the weight of the parcel and point them at the post office website if they don't believe you. And then charge less for the opening bid. that way people feel theyare paying less for what they are bidding on and taking the necessary hit on the postage that is out of both the seller's and the buyer's controls.

I don't know if it costs more to list items this way but you could always have a lower opening bid and set a reserve. That way if the bidding doesn't get high enough you don't sell and it might encourage more people to jump in, place a bid and have them driving each other up.

Just my tuppence worth of e-bay philosoph. Seriously though, good luck with your auction.