Armageddon 2089 and OGL Steampunk

blue crane

Hi there!

I was wondering about the following: Imagine a world in the full throws of the 'Steam Age' and which suddenly encounters 'Futuristic' Mecha. Perhaps a wormhole has oppened up that allow this first contact? Perhaps this future group travelled back in time to try to rectify a mistake / claim an ancient artifact / et cetera...

What do you think?

Kind regards,
Blue Crane
Sorry, read 'opened' rather than 'oppened' in the second line! :oops:

Further: 'allows' rather than 'allow' in the third line!! :oops: :oops:

Blue Crane
Im not much of a steampunk fan myself, but I can imagine a medieval world suddenly being populated by a few mechs could be quite interesting :)