Are you an MI Grunt or Arachnid Gribbly?

What side do you intend to take?

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  • Either, not fussed as long as I get a game

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Just noticed, from lots of lurking in the forums, that i have seen a few people say they will only play MI, but none say they want to be the bugs. Just wondering what the percentages are.

I know most people arn't planing to be totaly exclusive, just looking for general thoughts.
Has to be the gribblies for me - I love big, giant, killer alien insects. MI are all well and good...they have guns...but have you seen the SIZE of those JAWS!!
I'll play both for purposes of getting a game in, but I plan to focus my efforts on Bugs, so that's what I voted.
Both, but the MI have priority as far as purchases, assembly and painting go; will also be my preferred force to play, but I'll break out the bugs if there's no one but grunts around.
Only MI.

More specifically, 7 m8's. They're just blank bases now, because I didn't get to go to Salute this year.
Well I am totally for the MI
But I do plan to build lots of warriors

My twisted plan is to build two armies; I mean how can the MI have fun crushing bugs if you don’t have any? :)

This will also allow me to play with friends that may not have the game to try and recruit more players.

But I did vote for the MI

I'm going to sport both armies.

Don't want to miss out on opponents ;)

But - my heart lies with the MI, I loved the book, the movie and the CGI - so the MI is definately the way to fly.

Although - the Skinnies are starting to grow on me, so I might get an army of them as well :)
MI all the way. I will have a fairly large amount of Bugs in case people down at the LGS want to play massive battles, but don't have many Bugs.
I intend to get a priority level 3 force for each race - Power Armour MI, then Arachnids, then Marauder MI, then Skinnies/Film MI depending on when they come out.

Then I'll add some more to the Arachnids so I can have a big MI/Skinnie alliance game :)
im enjoying doing the MI as i can add soem style to them as i go along.

the bugs will be done along side them so they have a force to fight, but i wont labour as much on them or try add any personality to them... well not yet any way.
I'll be a switch far as which force I push across the table. I'll be doing the bugs first. I will be having some different looking bugs as well. I "prefer" the idea of brighter, more colorful bugs mixed in with the dull ones.

I have some "other marines" that have been used as SMs in 40K. Now, they will see a couple of battles as standins in SST :shock:
Arachnids all the way! Just the thought of unending hordes of huge bugs scrambling and crawling just to get their huge mandibles on some MI flesh gets my blood roiling. :twisted: Bugs just look cooler too.

Brett Hartt
What I wonder is how you could not want both armies! They are both great, right now MI seem like the easy choice, but I know bugs will lose their disadvantage with the advent of new minis.