Are scholars required to be sorcerers?


I'm thinking of taking a level in scholar after taking three levels of soldier. I feel it would fit with what the character had been doing for the past year and a half of game time that he has been "off-stage" since he gained a level. However, I don't want to have to take any magic since it does not really fit with the character concept. Can a first-level scholar choose a feat instead of a school of magic, or is there something in the rules that prevents that?


A level without magic is an excellent choice and not against the rules in the least.

BTW, Bravo for your excellent roleplaying decision! Many a player would be tempted to to not "waste" that level and slip in an unjustified Soldier level.


Absouetly you can, sounds like a fine idea too. Note that although you will not be able to use defensive blast until you learn at least one sorcery style, I would rule that you are still subject to the Rule of the Sorcerer's Soul and still able to participate in a War of the Souls.

Sounds like you have got a great game going, have fun!
I've made up NPC's that are non-sorcerous scholars. If you read the rules, you will see that new sorcery styles can be traded in for feats and advanced spells can be traded in for bonus skill points (or vice versa. I don't have the rule book with me right now). It actually can make quite an effective and interesting character.


Page 59 of the rulebook states that "[Scholars] must spend at least 12 skill points on Knowledge skills at 1st level, and at least 3 skill points on Knowledge skills at each subsequent level."

My character did not start as a scholar, but is being trained in the priesthood of a nearly forgotten faith. Is he required to spend 12 skill points on knowledge skills? Does it matter that because he does not have an Int bonus he only gets 8 skill points this level? Does that force him to take another level of scholar just to take the last four knowledge skills? Or is he only required to take three skill points since the character is not first level?

Anyone at Mongoose have a ruling on this one?


That is for a first level character who is a scholar. The character who takes it later has to spend the three character points.