Archerians and Chariots!

E Nicely

So I got my latest offering from the SoC. A reprint of the Chariots and Archerions article from S&P. I like it. And here's a strange coincidence:

So I was putting the concept for a Conan game together this morning. A one-shot for the members of the local rpg message boards. I thoght "Hmmm...I want to set it in the Hyborian lands, and I need some savages or hill-tribes (maybe Picts) to fall under the influence of some evil sorcerers.Stygians? Nah, want it to seem canonical, too far north. The Archerians?" But I don't have that particular issue of S&P (started collecting it just after that), so no stats. Then I checked my mail and BAM!!! Archerians. looks like I'll be playing sooner than I thought.

I love the Sons of Cimmeria. 8)
Well it seems obvious then that Mongoose must have released this one just for you. That can mean only one thing then; Matthew Sprange is a telepath! :shock:

Heh, gotta love the SoC :lol: