Anyone Playing Cybernet?


Just curious if anyone out there is playing CYBERNET? I know due to summer activities my group had to cut back on games played and cybernet didn't make the cut. However, I feel it will be back in the group this winter.

Not yet but I am planing on running a campaign at the start of the 04/05 academic year. I am in the process of doing dreadful cyberpunk type things to the Solent area of the UK in preparation so that the characters have some where to call 'home' at the moment. :twisted:

Yep! I'm running a Cybernet campaign. Since we all just started working the we're short on time, but we'll get started again. I have a very enthusiastic party of players!
I wish, my group seems a little more interested in Star Wars.

But then now that D20 future is out I wouldn't mind taking a look at them both then deciding which to use before starting a new campaign (of course there are elements of Cybernet I'll still need, like the net rules).
I purchest it to add the cybernetics rules to the SciFi campaign that I'm running right now.

Zethnar, you should ask your GM if it would be ok to use those rules for his starwars campaign, they work realy well together, and they give a great twist to a charecter.

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