Any war boardgamers among you?

The King

Cosmic Mongoose
I wonder if any of you knows and played the GMT boardgames (great battles of history with the battles of Alexander, Hannibal and Scipio, Caesar, and recently the Mongol invasion) and tried to apply them to a Conan campaign.

I've played a few GMT games. Mostly SPQR and the Down in Flames series. Always wished I would have picked up War Galley when it was available. Though I have played Trireme a time or two.

I think you are right. It could be real interesting to take Great Battles and use it for large scale conflict between two (or more nations). Especially if you as the GM didn't want to exactally know the outcome of armed conflicts in your campaign.

I was unable to sleep one night awhile back so I picked up the old Mordheim rulebook and couldn't get the Conan RPG/Mordheim amalgam concept out of my head. Haven't had a opportunity to try it out but as a RPG concept - most of the mordheim back-story fitted to the Hyborian Age - with the Conan rules sounds like a wicked good time :!:
I don't know Mordheim. are these the same rules as warhammer battle? As I refered to the Great Battle of History series it was mainly because each unit is characterized by its quality, type (with a lot of subdivision) and also because of the low magic level which could easily be included as home rules.
You have units for light units (slingers, or guys with bows, javelins or whatever), medium unit, heavy infantry unit, the same for cavalry, plus war elephants and war charriots depending on the regions (Romans, Greeks, Celts, etc.).
Of course all these details would fit in the unit descriptions found in Conan RPG.
Mordheim is a great game with flavor text of the highest quality - like all Warhammer products. It has similar rules of warhammer battles but on a smaller scale for war bands. You build a small warband (similar to fantasy battles based on points) and hunt thru Mordheim for wyrdstone. I had a band of Skaven -which is a creature that would be fun to incorporate into a Conan adventure. You could create a war band of just mercenaries and incorporate all of the units you mention in your post.
I have played several GMT games along with all the Avalon Hill, SPI, etc. It would be great to see Mongoose put together a mass combat system using a traditional boardgame format. In a perfect world, the system is developed with a Battle System style so that you could create and convert any size battle in Hyboria. If not, than a system that would add regional armies via modules would also be very cool.

From all the wargames I know (those with counters, not with minis), the GMT series are the most appropriate to tactical battles.
Read some specific Howard's chapter where he describe some battles and we could almost simulate them.
The units are all humans and known types so it would be easy. Just add some bit of sorcery and new leaders (i.e. Conan) and we have a perfect game.

I know Richard Berg already made some games on the War of the Ring (for SPI back in 1977) thus I wouldn't see why he couldn't do some for Conan.