Any of You Have the Shirt That Reads"I won in Hyborian


Reality Simulation's PBM - Hyborian War.
I played Uttara Kuru in game number 258 I think. I conquered all of the provinces East of Turan and most of Turan into Stygia, Shem and part of Koth. That was kind of fun back in the day. 8)
A play by mail game I played aobut 10 or 15 years ago or more. Each player ran a kingdom for about 40 turns or so and then the ice age hit and ended the game.
WELL THAT SUCKED!!! All my points would of went into underground constructions... you know, to live out the ICE age, then emerge blind from the darkness to explore the old world.... sorry, no more chocolate for me :(
I too played in Hyborian War, many years ago. Details are sketchy, but I do recall that I was Pictland and I was rather easily crushed by Aquilonia. My whole game centered on trying to unify various tribes and I was never able to really do that. Was fun though. I recall that the map was pretty good too.
Does anyone have more information on Hyborian Wars PBEM? I am debating whether or not to give it a try- feedback would be appreciated.
It looks interesting. Can anyone tell me what the cost is to play in a play by mail? The website didn't really have any prices, as far as I can tell. I've never done it before and since my time to play games anymore is severely limited, it may be an option I would like to look into.