Any info about New Moscow (Tobia sector)

Yes, Mercenary Adventure 0 (Part of the Mercenary Set) takes place on New Moscow. Includes a world map and information on factions. It's a short little adventure to introduce the Mercenary rules and concepts, so if all you want is info on the world, it might not be the most cost-effective buy. But, yes. Buy the Mercenary set - but not for New Moscow.
Thank you. Can anyone give me a blurb about what that adventure is about please?
From the introduction on the inside cover.

'Trial by Fire is different to the typical Traveller adventure, as it concerns the activities of a mercenary unit rather than a band of adventurers. The events that form the backdrop to this adventure could provide opportunities for intrepid Travellers but this will mean operating in a war zone. It might be interesting to run standard adventures alongside this one, with the Travellers encountering the mercenaries or perhaps even being the cause of some of their troubles. However, Trial by Fire focuses on the military aspects of the situation and is appropriate for a small mercenary unit with considerably more firepower than the average Traveller band. In Trial by Fire, the Travellers will raise and field a small mercenary formation to participate in the conflict on New Moscow. In addition to completing their missions and defeating enemies, the Travellers will need to navigate the treacherous waters of local politics to ensure their force is kept supplied and supported. A mis-step in the corridors of power can be as deadly as any foe on the battlefield and it may be that the New Moscow conflict is won in the field but lost at the negotiating table'.
Thank you. I was planning on running ship in the lake from JTAS which involves rebels holding lands in a vacation spot. Guess it could still work if it’s remote enough.