Any future plans for Sea of Thieves?

Hi there, I recently got an opening with my gaming group to FINALLY run Sea of Thieves and decided to pop in to see if there had been any announcements or releases since I got my copy of A Tale of Two Captains. I know the video game is kinda in a bit of a nebulous place in the current storyline and seasons but I was curious if there was anything that could be talked about any potential upcoming books (or other products) for the RPG game line (with things like Pirate's Life, the Reaper attack on Golden Sands, Flameheart's return, the rebuilding of New Golden Sands / Port Merrick, the return of the Ancients, and the war between the Guardians of Athena and Servants of the Flame to name some of the bigger updates that I could see coming up).

I was just curious, I know licensed RPGs (especially for video games and ESPECIALLY for live service video games) can take a while but I'm definitely hoping to see more of Sea of Thieves on my tabletop in the future 😀