Any ETA on The Wheel Of Fire?


Any ETA on The Wheel Of Fire?

I went to my FLGS (hates acronyms) to see when the game would be ordered and he said that I should check with and when I see it there, that they should have it available within about 2 to 3 months after that.

Hoping that I can get it before then (put it on my wish list for and may the best retailer win!).
lastbesthope said:
Patience young one!


hehe.... :lol:

I am probbly older than you are....and some days I feel it.... :wink:

Gaming keeps me young a local friend and I are sure of. I was kidding him about turnning 30. I told him it is not so bad, and neither is turning 40. I said by then his kids should be out of the house and the money he spends on the kids, he can spend on gamming stuff.
I am younger than you. In my office I was telling my coworkers about how my Dad reacted to turning 50, my boss said

"It's disconcerting when you work with someone whose father is younger than you are!"

I get his point.

You're only as old as you let yourself feel! shows this available - no longer Pre-order....

Does this mean it has shipped? :D

(Hit submit instead of Preview for the URL)
scottmage said:
Can you double check, that link does not talk about The Wheel Of Fire


I copied the wrong link across, that's what I get for browsing a dozen thread at once. I've changed the link and the information is as presented in the correct thread!