Any chance we'll get WARS Miniatures?


WARS Miniatures in the fashion similar to Paranoia where they enhance the RPG gameplay but don't require additional rules (they're already in the book... 1" = 2m) would be swell! At least a 5-pack representing 1 character from each faction to start would be sufficient to me! Any chance of this?

- Stratos
dagent145 said:
Hmmm...I'll drop the idea in some ears. I'd love some Quay and Shi minis if nothing else :D.

I've done so as well already on my front. I was posting the question here in the forum as more a "question seeking interest" rather than a direct answer. :)

- Stratos
Well we're still waiting on B5 minis, although plans are finally being made to release B5 minis I think. Hopefully Wars will get to that stage quicker than B5 did.