any chance of a box of Infernum minis?

Would you buy a box of Infernum demon figures?

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Just picked up this outstanding setting as a birthday present for my Significant Other, and the first thing we both thought when looking at the pics of the different demons was that they are strong enough designs to warrant a set of figures. Perhaps as a box set similar to the Paranoia figures?

Heck, I'd buy a skirmish system based on this!

On the other hand, does anyone have any good suggestions for other manufacturers' figures to be used?

I've found these so far (most will, I think, require some conversion)
under the 'Superworld' Figures, you'll find a figure called 'Tonka'. With a little work, he'd make a nice Hulk.

The Crusader Collections Fantasy range figures would all make good PC's.
Alcibiades might make a good Slaver/Faustian. Jean de Moray could be a Harrower.
Most of these would make interesting characters or advesaries.
Cypher226 said:
On the other hand, does anyone have any good suggestions for other manufacturers' figures to be used?

Reaper miniatures "DArk Heaven Legends" range has a number of highly suitable Infernum miniatures.

The thing is through, most of the metal miniatures are quite expensive ($5.00+ a shot each...) so I have been using/converting a number of MAGE KNIGHT figures. With a exacto knife and a little bit of epoxy a lot can be done.

So, if you have any friends that have any Mage Knight figures lying around, beg borrow or steal them, buy some stands (I use GDW 25 MM stands for medium sized figures) and go for it.

While I'm not painting much at the moment because I'm working nightshift, I have about 30 converted MK figures (and a couple metal) painted up and named/numbered, and about 60 more in the works, including 2 Huge Hulks, and 2 (huge) CAtaphracti Machinist figures.

And the Scarlet Witch figure from the Marvel Heroclix range makes a really lovely Succubus, with or without wings...

Good luck

Oh, I should have added...

Using Mage Knight figures:

1) Artificers are easy, there are a number of small figures that can be used, I just mount them on 20 MM stands.

2) Beast are easy above, but since beasts are normally a medium sized figure, they go on 25 MM stands

3) Deceivers are real easy, almost any human sized figure works well

4) Fiends: If you are not to particular, fiends can be easily made by adding wings to any "human" looking figure. I've cut off MK gargoyle wings and added them to various armored figures to make suitable fiend figures.

5) Imps: No real suitable MK figure, I have a couple of metal ones I've purchased/scrounged up from somewhere, mounted on 20 MM stands

6) Hulks: There are a number of MK hulks there, if you are not to particular, and with the addition of some horns, modified arms, etc a suitable (large sized) hulk figure can be found. Huge sized hulks will require some conversion. I haven't found any figures yet to use as the next larger size, as yet.

7) Malcubi: Like deceivers, malcubi are easy, I just cut off gargolye wings and add them to a figure... there are a number of scantily clad MK figures.

8) Slavers: These ones are a little bit harder. To make a suitable slaver figure I have had to convert orcs or other hooded figures. The results are adequate, but not great.

9) Stalkers: Per the books, I have not been able to make any true Stalker figures. I have had to make due with some MK figures that have asomewhat insectoid apeparance, but these are really stretch8ng the imagination to look like true stalkers.

10) Humans: Any number of MK figures can be used for humans. I have about 20 set aside I plan to use for Knights of the Harrowing when I get back in a painting mood, mostly because they have a "medieval" appearance, and I can't really convert them to demons.

11) Angels: I have two angels in the works at the moment. One is a MK/Hero clix conversion (MK figure and Heroclix wings) the other is from a series called Angelfire (?) and is a really great looking angel, but unfortuneately I am painting that one for a friend.

Hope this is of some help to you.


Cypher226 said:
I have to say that $5.00 is not expensive,

At The Battle of The Stairs (recounted in my A Hell of a Campaign storyline) there were some 26 miniatures invovled, 12 Hulks, 11 Fiends, and assorted others. At $5.00 a shot, that would come to $130.

The Mage Knight Figures can be had for (common ones) 0.19 - 0.99. Only one of the miniatures involved in this particular skirmish was a metal one, the rest were MK figures (okay, I didn't really have 10 Fiends figures prepared, only 5, and used 5 deceiver figures for fiends...)

All told, the 25 or so miniatures only cost me about $12.00, plus another $6.00 for shipping. carries a lot of single Mage Knight Figures. I also use some of the super hero figures.

Also, I've seen some really good looking painted miniatures for a game called HeroQuest (?--least wise, I think that's the name...) but they're a little pricey, $15 for a package of 5 figures....

But if Mongoose does some Infernum Mini's, I'd buy some.


At The Battle of The Stairs (recounted in my A Hell of a Campaign storyline) there were some 26 miniatures invovled, 12 Hulks, 11 Fiends, and assorted others. At $5.00 a shot, that would come to $130.

Fair enough, but equally I wouldn't have tried to buy them all at once. I'd have picked them up a few at time over the course of the campaign.

And I still say that $130/75-80 UK GBP isnt that bad for a nice figure. Check out Werner Klocke's Freebooter figures and tell me that they're not worth the cost. Or Rackham's Confrontation/Hybrid/Ragnarok figures (OK, the style leaves some people cold, but the technical ability in the sculpting is undeniable). Some of their beasties would be good for Infernum tho.

The MK plastics are great for disposable enemies but I don't like using them for PC's or important characters (not nice enough for me). While the sculpting on some of them (and the HC figures) is indeed great, the fact they seem to be covered in several coats of unremovable household emulsion paint doesnt do them any favours, especially as it can be hard to spot potential in a badly painted figure... Particularly without viewing the figure in person as it were.

I do have to admit that I typically run RPG's based on the minis I collect, e.g. MechWarrior (now try finding good quality, scale consistent, relatively cheap yet nice modern(ish) human figures - a nightmare!), SST, B5.

I have rambled a little, but let me summarise: For PC figures, I don't mind paying higher costs. I tracked down a bunch of old OOP Battletech figures, paying a fairly good amount ($12 a figure for 8 figs) for a campaign I was running because I wanted to be period accurate rather than using the redesigns. If it's just desposible baddies I want tho, I'm happy to settle for less.

I find that I tend to spend more on suitable terrain, but WorldWorks Games ( printable cardstock sets are a gosdsend to a gamer on a budget!

Maybe that's the next direction we should take this?

0One (Zero-One) Games (see at RPGNow) produce a number of 2-D maps that could be easily used too. They're intended for D&D minis, but theyre scaled in 1-inch squares.
I do have a small number of "dedicated" Infernum style metal miniatures. My son Pablo has also purchased several that I am in the process of contemplating painting, and will do so one of these days (most like when I get off working 5 12hr day nightshifts...2 months from now...)

The thing I like most about MK figures is that they are cheap, and easily convertable. I sawed apart 2 MK figures to make a passable Cataphracti Machinist figure. Another Buffalo type mount (I think it had a dwarf rider originally) got chopped up, mixed with a Werebear figure, to become a huge 4 armed, horned, tailed (from dinosaur toy) Hulk, carrying a 54MM shield (from a cartagenian miniature) and waving, amongst other things, a bonded chainsaw (from a Mechwarrior figure). Now I just have to finish painting the thing....

My son brought a large miniature of a Fiendish type figure, except that he didn't like the "feathered wings" that came with the miniature, and wanted a Leathery Wing look. So I cut ioff the wings from a MK Manticore figure, and attached them to the Fiend, and the resulting figure looks great. Very Devilish...and another figure I need to finish painting.

[Interlude....I do a lousy job of painting miniatures when I'm working I'm not really working at trying to finish the same token, I just started GM's Infernum about 4 weeks before the series of Nightshifts started...]

But, hopefully, by now, anyone wondering if there are any Infernum style miniatures out there will be re-assured. There do seem to be plenty.