Another JD GM idea


How about trying to find the elusive famous MegaCity Hunting Club?
Trail of murders, with different weapons.....hints at the club...etc...
maybe a judge is selected?

If a member doesnt go through with the hunt they are hunted themselves.



Would make a good perp campaign - give them something to aim for :)
Maybe a Death Aid scenario, where the players have to kill as many people as possible in a set time limit - you know, for charity :D


As in Death Aid, each killer could have his or her own 'style' - say, have 5 members trying to kill the most people, each having a certain style of murder - maybe one drowns people in toilets, another stuffs people down garbage grinders, another uses antique corkscrews... see if the team realise that the killings are linked despite the different m.o.'s - kind of like, 5 serial killers all at once, all striking repeatedly in the same night. Could be very interesting if ran well :D

This is how I would play it as a Judge campaign, by the way - this idea could, as I said before, make a good campaign for perps to participate in so long as the players don't mind thier characters inevitably ending up in the cubes...


This would work nicely as a GOMC1 scenario too with maybe a couple of gang members being 'hunted' or one player using a small squad of Judges vs some heavily tooled up members of the Hunting Club.