And what kind of Demon would you call Mr. President?


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The other day the party I was GM'ing (Infernum) for was involved in some town encounters, and at one point I pulled out a miniature of a Carthenay Deceiver named Klinton and set him on the board. This brought things to a momentary halt when someone made the observation "wow, that sounds a lot like Bill C****** " to which I replied that people that I didn't like in real life, or had unpleasent encounters with, crabby ex-bosses, etc., etc., had a way of finding themselves in my campaigns, usually as a villain or some other unpleasent underling.

My son, the liberal democratic supporter, then popped up, "you need a bad guy named Bush, dad."

Of course, I know he wans't referring to the current US President. I told him to go jump in the lake, and threatened him with being ambushed by 5,000 hulks if he continued on that vein, and the game resumed.

However, later on I got to thinking about it, and without trying to make this into a political thread, and having myself become a little disillusioned with our current US president (and that is the last I will say about President Bush one way or the other) I got to wondering, if I were to add a "Brush" character into the game, what kinda of Demon would he be? NOT REFERRING IN ANY WAY TO OUR CURRENT LIVING OR PAST US PRESIDENT OF COURSE.

I'm already using a Carthenay Deceiver character. (That was my son's vote)
I can't see an Artificer, or Malcubi. A Slaver or Hulk seems pretty remote.
I'm thinking along the lines of a Fiend, through a Beast sorcerer, Stalker, or imp seems possible.

For houses, I am contemplating Zethu, or Sturrach.


This another Macho Women With Guns idea? lol! A Bush demon would be way too powerful. I mean if a Boris Johnson demon can cause chaos what can George Bush do that his real world incarnation hasn't managed yet?
Make him a Kobold but dumber. But that's just me. :wink:

Disclaimer: this is posted by an independent, or someone who thinks the Republicans blow and the Democrats suck or vice versa (as Louis Black put it).
Without having read the Infernum book, what I would do is this:

Take a demon type that is normally very intelligent and calculating, and have his brain removed. His brain is replaced with a remote control connected to a control center manned by something like a tarry demodand with acid powers named Garlaro'ev and something like an ancient demon with broad, tattered wings named something like Janni. Of course, Janni's heart has been removed and is stored someplace for safe-keeping.
(Tarry demodands are described in a 1st edition D&D book. Basically they are chaotic evil creatures from Tartarus, who are powerful and secret a sticky, tarry substance. This particular demodand secrets an acidic tar that does 1d8 acid damage per round in addition to its other effects.)

This is not a political statement.

I suppose I should make up a few other demon/demon teams. I'll do that later, although I should see if I actually own the Infernum book.
Utgardloki said:
Without having read the Infernum book, what I would do is this:

Take a demon type that is normally very intelligent and calculating, and have his brain removed.

It could be replaced with an electronic one, a simple one ahould suffice, just reprogram it to say "What?", "I don't understand" and "Where's the tea?" and noone would kow the difference :lol:

How about a whole demonic posse of crazy world leaders?

Bush: Demon of Confusion

Blair: Demon of hypocracy

Jaque Chirac: Demon of Cheese

Bin Laden: Infernal bearded one
I was thinking of reaching back to the past with demons based of past presidents, from George Bush Sr., all the way back to George Washington.

But I have not read the Infernum book yet, so I have no idea how to translate these to Infernum terms. And of course, how would you represent the Millard Fillmore demon, anyway?

Of course, no reason not to combine this with the concept of using non-American leaders. The Pope Sylvester II demon could be a very calculating demon with an angelic consort. (In history, there were rumors that Pope Sylvester II consorted with a demoness named Meridiana. But I guess he was of the right political party, so they let him be pope anyway.)