An suggestion for Mongoose and Joe Dever on Lone Wolf



I think it'd be cool to see Joe Dever Guest write a supliment for the Lone Wolf RPG! How fun would that be? I mean, he can write it..and August and the guys can do the rules intensive stuff.

That would be a blast! And maybe Joe could include a short intro on his reactions to the revival of the game? And future hopes for it?

Heck, maybe Mongoose can get ahold of Brian Adams and Gary Chalk, heck even Ian Page to do some work on random supliments. Kind of like guest writers and artists. Hey, they do it on TV shows. Why not an RPG supliment?

I'd buy a copy the day it came out.
This would be an excellent idea. Even if it wasn't workable, it would be good if somebody could run an interview with Joe Dever about his thoughts on the game - and maybe some of the other people involved with the creation of LW as well. :)