Ok, I'm serious about this ironing out the combat rules of Conan.
1. I have the original Conan RPG, not the Atlantean Edition.
2. I am not certain what changes/ clarifications/ deletions the AE has wrought upon the rules.(PS I can't afford to buy another Edition even at the discount, and I'm somewhat reluctant to anyway for ethical considerations).
3. I miss the simplicity of other RPGs but I want to learn the Conan Rules, as there is no RPG worthy (the last time I bought an Rpg I liked was Warhammer Fantasy Roleplaying in 1987!!!).
4. I need simplicity in understanding (and according to the numerous posts, other's aren't so clear either).

THE CHALLENGE: Can we knock heads together and produce a numerically sequenced chart for what actions take place chronologically (including all modifiers) for a combat situation, or produce a chart which details the sequences and may have "tree chart" flow to it?

For example: Melee Combat
1. Is it a surprise encounter
2. If not surprise, then both parties are aware and figure initiative (if night-time what modifiers, or if the parties are travelling with a character class who recieves initiative bonuses in forests, plains, etc...)
3. After Initiative is figured, how far away are the parties, can a thief quick draw a dagger and nail an opponent? etc...
3.1 If quick draw succeeds....
3.2 If quick draw shot is missed....
4. The list or flow chart goes on....

Is this too much for y'all? Without a doubt, this will be a Son of a Gun to do. but there are some of you out there who are up to the task.

OK so where can we post these charts? Can we put attachments anywhere around here? If we can May I suggest usung a WORD format?

I hope somebody else is interested enough in this aspect?

My word of caution, please don't criticize members who participate and call them names if they post something and the 5 foot step section they put out, is off, there are very many interpretations of rules, as evidenced by the confusion of the posts.

Crom uber Alles!
Its doable, but there are so many conditional modifers that it would be an unreadable mess.

Better to have a simplified one and expect the players to know their own modifiers, really.

I started something similar for the M&M game, though never really finished it.