Amindii (aliens native to Regina) from T5 not in MGT?


Banded Mongoose
While there has not been very much new OTU setting material released under the Traveller5 rubric one addition that was made was the adding of a new sophont race the Amindii in the publication Imperiallines 6 (which seems to be 'official' and is available on Drivethru - they may also be in the revised T5 book but that is such a mess I am not sure I want to traumatise myself again by opening the file and checking).

These are basically intelligent insectoid bipeds native to Regina and well integrated into planetary society and the imperium.

However while the new Behind the Claw has a lot to say about Regina it has nary a mention of a whole new sophont race living on the planet.

Is this a deliberate choice or just an oversight and if so will it be corrected (the next batch of JTAS's would be the obvious place)?