Amazon cancelled my order of The Darklands.



Today I recieved a mail that Amazon had cancelled "The Darklands" from my order. I will only recieve The Main Lonewolf RPG rulebook. :(
I would have waited for both to arive at the same time as they will be more expensive to get in two packages, especially since I got a rebate on 30% off the price for the Darklands when preordering.

Whats the status on The Darklands compendium? When will it be out?
Well delayed the shipping of my order comprised of "LW:Darklands" and "B5:No Surrender, No Retreat" to somewhere in the first half of July, but no cancellation for me...

The canadian Amazon still holds its 30% off, though.
They did the same to me, but I placed it again and grouped it with a book that isn't going to be available for another month.

If you ask me, I think they do this to try to get over on you. For example, I had this book and one other so that I could get free shipping. They canceled this book and jammed the other one through trying to charge me shipping.

Another thing I find is that books like this will be on sale and they will cancel the whole order for whatever reason but guess what.... The book I can get is no longer on sale.

This kind of stuff just started happening within the last 6-8 months. I think it's some kind of screw the customer policy. I call it the scam.
If gets infected by this whole Amazon Scam, I guess my FLGS will get even more business from me. Even if it means in the end I'll get less books for the money, at least it will encourage a local business.
Well, you can always keep track like I do. They NEVER get over on me, I make sure of it. If they cancel an order of mine and raise the price of the book, you are sure the first thing I do is write them demanding the book at the original price. I demand my shipping fees back in the case where they cancel part of the order and ship the rest so fast you couldn't add another book in it's place.

The propblem is, how many people don't even notice this kind of thing happening? Like I said, this truely started happening the last 6-8 months.

Anyway, if you do bsiness with them, you should watch every order. I even had one time where I ordered a book on sale for %30 of but when I got the invoice they only took 21% off. I go to the site and look at the book but now it's full price. Long story short, I got a credit for the rest of the money.

Don't let them tell you prices are constantly changing. I never let them get away with that.

You don't have to worry about this happening with Mongoose books in Canada. They stay at 30% off up there. In the states you can only get their books at a discount if you peroder them.