African weaponry?


I was thinking of sending my players into Kush or one of the black kingdoms for some adventures, but I got to wondering about something.

What sort of weaponry would the native Kushites use? I mean, spears or course, but would it be out of line for them to have bows and arrows or stone axes?

Is there any kind of interesting african weaponry I can inject into my game?
Knives, spears, bows and slings are a surefire way to go. And considering that the southern jungles produce some wicked pirates, any weapon can pop up considering they raid as far north as Argos (maybe even further north); this also means that iron weapons might make an appearance as well. It really depends on which part of the Black Kingdoms we're talking about here, since that's a huge continent.

A good D20 resource for statted African weaponry and a plethora of other easily adapted matrial can be found in the Nyambe: African Adventures book by Atlas Games. You can usually find it on Ebay for a good deal; it's set in a fantasy Africa-esque land designed to blend well with traditional D&D, but if you disregard the inappropriate stuff, this book has a lot of easily used content for a Black Kingdoms campaign.
There is a section on (pseudo) African Weaponry in The Palladium Book of Weapons and Castles ....

Other sources may be better of course. 'Tales of the Black Kingdoms' by the way, was a good buy from my perspective as well. Plenty of REH source material within this region. I'd quite like to run some scenarios in and around the Black Kingdoms ...

... possibly straying into the mythical Amazon as well (Shades of Kull "history" ???). I'd like to use some of my Zulu Wars historical miniatures for the battles (25mm's).
LokiOne said:
There is a section on (pseudo) African Weaponry in The Palladium Book of Weapons and Castles ....

I forgot I had that book. It's so small in size that it disappears into my bookshelf of gaming material. But yea, you're 100% correct: that book is a really good source of weaponry for ALL cultures in Conan. And it's a universal game aid, so it can be used with any system (there's a rating system involved so you know how to fit a weapon or piece of armor into the game you're using).

I remember when that book went out of print. I was upset since I didn't own one. Then they reprinted it a few years ago and I immediately snatched a copy up. Seriously, Conan fans, this book is great for use with Conan.

Does anyone have Tito's Trading Post? Are there any African-style weapons in there?

How about someone posting up a collection of weapons of african flavour for everyone to use. Or comment on and perfect, then make the weapons "official".

Just an idea