Adventure ideas for a quick game at a con? (Judge Dredd rpg)


Heya :)

I was just wondering if anyone had ideas for a quick game (with pre-gened chars) of the JD rpg?
I mean, yeah, I have ideas, lots of them... but I'm used to making epic campaigns with long story arcs and such. One shot pick-up games at conventions... well, I haven't done it for awhile... and I'm new to the JD rpg (although a gamer for a long, long time).
So, I figure this would be a good a place to get some decnt original ideas... or ideas that can spawn into something pretty cool (amagamation ideas are always fun). It always helps to get input, eh?

Also, if anyone reading this is in the Seattle area, I plan on running the game at PAX (; which is this next weekend incidently (hehe, no pressure... but I've always been good at putting stuff together quickly). But, as I was going to say, anyone going to PAX is more than welcome to join me in some Dreadverse fun :D

Thanks in advance!