Adventure and Campaign Ideas

Red Tulwar

So, what kinds of adventures and/or campaign ideas are you all contemplating?

My group consists of myself and 4 players (3 men and 1 woman; we're all in our late 20s-early 30s). Three of the players have some good roleplaying (D&D) experience, while one of the guys is a newbie (though he's a newly converted REH fan).

I'm going to be the the GM, and from what I've gathered the group is going to be a small band of thief-types. I'm looking to start things in Arenjun and possibly run an introductory scenario simliar to the events that occurred in "The Bloodstained God". In my version, the golden idol will have climbed out of the crevice (after several decades of climbing!) and returned to its job of guarding the temple. The PCs will arrive, and mayhem will insue.

After that intro adventure, I'm not sure where the campaign will go.

What about you folks?
My previous foray into Hyborian Age gaming involved having my players as a group assigned to or associated with a fort in the Bossonian Marches, fending off a Pictish incursion.

This time, I'm feeling sort of into the desert and nomad sort of thing, so I will probably put them in a caravan initially, and have an ambush from raiders set them lost in the deserts of eastern Shem.

From there, I plan on sort of having them "leap" around the Hyborian kingdoms for a short while, with adventures separated by a bit of time - and enabling me to do a few different styles of adventure - here a pirate adventure, there a lost city, a war, skullduggery in Shadizar the Wicked, etc.
Very cool. I was thinking of running my adventure sessions "piece-mail" as well -- jumping from place to place, with a span of time between sessions (just like in the old paperbacks). Good stuff.