ACTA: B5 Centauri vs Psi Corps - 4pt War

Da Boss

Well its me again with another report :)

Bigger game - 4pts War must have at least one war level or higher ship, first one to die loses (you think I would have learned not to use a Armageddon level ship but nope).

Anyway onto the Game

Adira Royal Battleship
2 Demos

PSi Corps
1 Shadow Omega
4 Hunters (Ouch - completely forgot about these nasty little killers)
2 Mother ships
2 Rail Hyperions
Fighter Carrier
2 Shadowcloaks

With my Initiative at +6 versus Gregs +3 I was fairly confident most if not all in rolls would go my way and so I won and Greg set up his fleet spread across the able. Conscious that I was out sinked and with one eye of the hunters I set up the whole fleet on one side of the table.


Greg won the first turn and I hung back with the majority of my fleet and the two huge armadas eyed each other up as the both launched loads of fighters. No firing.


Turn 2 I won Initiative (for what would be the last time :( ) and again slowly
advanced some of the fleet with attack ships holding the near flank and the big ships trying to tempt his ships forward. The Adira blasted a Hyperion and inflicted moderate damage but in reply a Hunter vaporised a Demos, another skeleton crewed the other and the Primus took a bridge hit and moderate damage! Fighters began to clash and given the Centauri and Psi Corps have some of the best in the game - it was even honours.


Turn 3 badly out sinked now I tried to swung all the ships into the centre with the aim to take out some of his ships - having lost Initiative again (yeah I was happy about that) Greg fired first after the mass of dogfights (again about even) and blasted the Laiti with a Hunter, taking its Primary laser off line for good and inflicted severe damage. Then it began to go downhill! The Adira had some of the worst attack rolls I have rolled for a long time and could not even kill the damaged Hyperion whilst merely taking the shields off the Shadow Omega. That's with firing about 40AD all told including 8 AD double damage precise beam. Its huge side batteries bounced off the two hunters it could target :) The Primus was struck by a powerful beam (kind of a theme for once for Greg) and one more hit would see it go - it lashed out in all directions and actually killed the Hyperion - cool a kill! In response the mother ships erased it from space! The Adira was blasted by several more beams and one beam hit the primary weapons control and the ENTIRE front arc was permanently taken off line by a 6,4 crit :(


Right then, after I finished bashing my head on the table, all that was left was to try and actually kill something before the rest of the fleet was lost. So at least I would fire first with my huge +3 initiative bonus - oh wait no.... The Adira cruised forwards and swung to the left to try and bring its guns into play knowing that the enemy were also fairly lumbering.


Despite being hit by another powerful beam it, the Adira survived long enough to fire and did ok for the first time but failed to actually kill anything. And then it died, but for my own peace of mind it was not the lowly Fighter that inflicted the final blow but a hunter. The rest of the turn was a few strikes back with a badly damaged hunter - having took a full barrage of torpedoes from the Elutarin last turn succumbing to its secondary's and the fighter carrier also going down.

Oh and the Liati rammed the Shaodw Omega and bounced off - inflicting zero damage after the shields even when it exploded.


so a dark day for the Republic bit we will be back.

Always fun to play with Greg and he did everything right - it could have been a close game if I had rolled even average and got a few crits in return for the those inflicted on me but yeah the old problem of big ships and crits resurfaced. Still this was actually the best showing the Adira has had thuis far !
Nice battle - can I ask where you got the terrain flats - I use Sky Full of Stars counters for playing so flat terrain is really useful (or were those terrain pieces homemade).
Homemade :D

Printed them out and laminated them - there are some on the MGP website as resources I think - and may still be some on the B5 resources thread.

Dust clouds are the easiest - google search print out and then laminate. planets not much harder and asteroids slightly harder
I would like to say it was my skill that won this, but in truth it was my dice. My rolls were great, Charles' were not so great.

Terrain can be found here: (downloads at the bottom)

And here

Or just google nebulas and planet images, as Da Boss says.
Arch Lector Petrovski said:
Looks like it was an interesting fight, I'm surprised the Adira did so little though; it's a tough beast most of the time.

Da Boss had very, very, very, very, very bad rolls.
I remember losing my Adira to crit' bombing in a game against my brother's force - it had about 20 crit's sat on it by turn 4 and I failed most of my repair roles two turns in a row, he could happily ignore my biggest weapon and pick apart the rest of the happless fleet. Didn't end well for the Centauri.
I tore apart Richards Adira with my Shadow ships, no shots fired

He blew mine up with his Vorlons, I think I did do some shooting

Hiff sliced mine up with his Minbari, no shots fired

Ken sliced mine up with his ISA, no shots fired

Greg sliced mine up with his PSI Corps - I did fire - badly

I think it's got the shortest average weapons range of any of the Armageddon level ships, its main guns have a shorter range than most War level ships of other races. It's good when you get in range, but you need to use smaller ships to cover its advance - or use it as a huge target to soak up as much damage and attention as you can whilst the rest of your fleet tries to do some serious damage.