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About the Wizards staff...why did you guys at Mongoose not allow the tip to glow as a light source (as they do in the Grey Star books)?
Ah yes, I thought about that as well. I personally am going to allow it:

2 wp to generate a light that lasts for as long as the dessi concentrates. It sheds light up to 60ft.

During combat, when it is not possible to concentrate and do anything else, the dessi can 'tie' the spell off. Thus, by spending 1 more willpoint (3 in total), he can cause the staff to stay alight for 5 rounds. Spending a willpower pt in this way is a move action only.
We did not put in the capability of it being used as a light source because that capability is something it takes the kind of superlative training only available to the Shianti and their chosen (unique, perhaps) students.

Games Masters are of course welcome to make it available to anyone with such a weapon, but ising the wizard's staff as a torch (which is effectively the mental equivalent of being able to hold a trigger so gently and so steadily as to have a bullet halfway into the firing chamber without slipping up and firing it) is an ability of the upcoming Shianti Sorcerer class.

Oh, I see what you mean August and you're right, it's the kind of ability that belongs in the upcoming Magic sourcebook. Thanks for the heads up!
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Mongoose August said:
an ability of the upcoming Shianti Sorcerer class.


hate to seem the nit-picking bastard, but don't you mean Shianti Wizard :wink: , or is there (yet again) something you know know that I don't....
adgramaine said:
hate to seem the nit-picking bastard [...]
Yeah, that kept me from asking so far ... But as I'm not alone wondering about it: I'm curious, too! :wink:

It's a matter of semantics, actually.

In the books, they use the term Shianti Wizard, but it seems to be for the most part a self-appelation. Shasarak is a Shianti Wizard. Grey Star, on the other hand, is a partially trained apprentice using an inborn talent that impresses even his jaded, immortal teachers. Thus, the 'sorcerer' appelation seems to fit.

Besides, Dever liked the terminology and Shianti Sorcerer seemed to flow better than Shianti Wizard. So, that's what we ran with.

It also differentiates the class from a true Shianti Wizard, which would be a true Shianti (and not really suitable to anything but the highest levels of play in any case).

Hope this look behind the curtain helps!

Shianti Sorcerer it is then. I have to admit I prefer the Shianti Wizard, but the distinction is not lost upon deaf ears here. Thanks for the insight August!
I'm far more interested in how this is going to square with setting canon than the name given. I mean, Grey Star was absolutely unique; partially trained, sure, but that was direct from the immortal(?) Shianta themselves. Are you just going to slide a lot of "wild talents" into Southern Magnamund?

Ten Lunes sez I get an answer of, "You'll have to wait for the magic sourcebook and see!" ;p
Well, just because there's a character class of a particular type, doesn't mean there's a lot of them running around. PCs should be unique characters. I'd say a Shianti Sorceror would simply be a more rarely seen class than the others. I doubt every single warrior woman from Techlos is going to be a Techlos Amazon.

Of course, changing canon is one of the best things about rpgs!
Grey Star was unique, true, but consider the following;

-The Shianti resided on Magamund long before they moved to seclusion into lorn. Mayhaps, in that city where thaty built the moonstone and affixed it atop a tower, they had other apprentices? Remember, humans lived along with the shianti in said city. Perhaps their were formal academies, that taught shianti lore to a very few handful of people who had the rare talent of harnessing shianti lore.

-Shasrak could have trained his own apprentice(s) maybe?
-Grey Star could have started up teaching shianti sorcery to his students after he became the new 'wytch king' , and the shianti left the world of magamund forever (after greystar book 4).

And again, as wordmaker says, pc's are unique. And you're true as well. not all telchoi warriors are 'Telchos Warriors'. Most would simply be NPC warriors, with a level or so in the TW class.

Oh and btw; August remarked,
It also differentiates the class from a true Shianti Wizard, which would be a true Shianti (and not really suitable to anything but the highest levels of play in any case).

Hmm, are their going to be any shianti racial templates in the mOm? :twisted:

Oh and would it be possible to see a preview of the class a few months before the book is released? (november is so far away :cry: )

Speaking of the Wizard's Staff... I still haven't found where the range for the WS energy attack is written, either in the rulebooks, or in the forum's messages.

I ruled such attacks were sight-dependent.

What is it, then?
60 ft.

This was clarified by August Hahn; the post is buried somewhere here in these very boards. Sadly I do not recall where it is; as if that were not enough the thread where this post is, is actually about something else, therefore it wont really help you to search by thread title. :roll:
I looked far and wide, and yet I did not find the post.

Xex. Are you sure this post does exist, and you are not referring to a private message ?