About the D20 Slaine Book.


After reading up on Warp Spasms in the D20 Slaine book and redrawing the table with it's values left as they were so it's easier to read and gauge them.


I just want you's to see the values up there next to each other and if it needs correcting.

I have afew discrepancies.
Here's a slightly different version of the table taken directly from the book.


I made some modifications. Wether these make much difference or would toatally ruin, unblance this part of the game. I am unsure.

Compare both tables now. In the 'Totally-Warped' Column. I have changed the body size from 'Huge' to 'Gargantuan' as this is the next size up and increased 'Reach' by 5 feet according to page 131 of D20 Dungeons & Dragons Players Hand book. I have also added another 10 points onto 'Movement Rate'.

Whatever I am unsure about, I had replaced with a 'Question Mark' and the reason I have circled 'Earth Power Usage' and the 'Hit-points' you lose if you don't have enough of it in the first place, is becauase I am curious as to why the value of 'Hit-points' decrease while the amount of 'Earth Power' you use up increases.

I was going to comment about why the amount 'Earth_power' you use increases in each column as your character may get more warped. Well,
I guess the more Warped you get, the more power you use up.

Just another thing. It says that when a 'Warped Character' enteres a normal 'Warp-Spasm' ( The second of four stages, and referring to what happens on the fourth column from the left.) in the book decription it says that ' Their hair stands on end with spikes of fire, 'black stuff' spouts from their head'. Yet it says something similar like 'Your own blood
flows out through the top of their skull as 'Black Stuff' when they are losing 'Hit-Points' for not having enough 'Earth Power' to Warp-Spasm in the first place. It sounds like the same thing happens wether or not their losing 'Hit-Points' this way.

A interesting concept:)

This is something I noticed when I read this part of the rules a few years back. About the Black stuff ( Blood ) flowing or spouting from the top of the skull. I have only just reaed the ruling now and noticed that it's meationed twice ( See page 57 at the bottom in the D20 Slaine Book.)

Anyway, Slaine is seen to be doing exactly this while having a Warp-Spasm in the comic book panels of 'The Bride of Crom' and this is even documented in Celtic Mytholodgy when talking about the Irish Hero Cuchulainn.

I think it's a great rule as it lends meaning to why this happens. Though, I think it should just say 'That the Black stuff flows when they are losing very little hit-points. It then actaulley erupts and spouts when they are losing alot of hitpoints at once' But only because they are trying to use this abilily without the required 'Earth-Power' to fuel it. I would otherwise just leave out the bit that says that 'Black stuff spouts out of your characters head' automatically when they have entered that partiucaular stage of 'Warp-Spasm'.

Feel free to disagree with me on any of this, though
I am quite convinced of my own logic on this last point. As I have no wish to ruin any of Ian Sturrock's hard work on this game.
ian has not appeared on the boards for some time and no longer works for mongoose but please if you have a suggested rule change let us know or even try your luck in signs and get even more credit for your ideas :D
As I was reading thie table to myself ther e second time round. I had mentally got REACH and MOVEMENT RATE srambled. Thinking there might have been a slight ruduction in movement rate as I went from one heading to the other.

Making this table has has sorte4d that part out for me.
The other changes I made are really just fluff.

But I guess every Dm modifies the rules to suit there own personal veiws.