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Do you visit the Fan Fiction Foums?

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So, SST got its own Fan Fiction forum. But when I checked the Fan Fic forum I noticed that these aren't ver popular so to say. So my question is, do anyone really cares too visit the Fan Fiction forums? If not they seem to be a waste of time even though the stories so far make good reading.
I'm not sure that people even realise that there is a fan fiction site for SST, I didn't. I saw the sticky here one day then the next it was gone and didn't know it had been started somewhere else. So that may account for the lack of visitors.
Maybe you're right. I saw the sticky and then it was gone. So I went searching for it and found that there is a SST forum under Fan Fiction.
my first piece is up, im going to be doing a few with these characters, just thought id get the ball rolling
As with every one else, I never realized that there was a fan fiction site. I'll be visiting it now that I know it exists!
Yup, they made it a sub-section Saturday. Actually, I really have to give the Mods a huge compliment on this one! I started a poll about whether or not people would like an individual fan-fiction thread, which recieved posative feed-back, then, about two days later Dredd Times actually started the thread. It seemed like it was a sticky for maybe a few hours, then it became a Sub-forum! Thanks Mongoose!
*shrugs* It's a mood thing for me. Sometimes I want fanfics, sometimes i don't. It's kinda like posting on these forums, sometimes I hit the newspaper and sometimes the newspaper hits me.
Yep, the fanfic forum is the thing for me!

I've just recently posted the first two chapters of a story I'm writing called the Ironfoot Troopers.

Y'all check it out now! :lol: :D