A Tregati campaign?


I was just watching a tape full of B5 episodes this morning, 'fore going to work, and the episode with the Tregati (the rogue Minbari cruiser) stuck with me.
I sort of like the idea of a campaign centered around the Tregati and its crew during their 12 years of exile. Obviously a mostly if not exclusively Minbari Warrior Caste game, but they would've needed frequent resupply and possibly irregular repairs, which leaves the door open for a number of non-Minbari allies, contacts, fences and agents.
I see scenarios for commando raids to gain needed supplies when no friendly provider is on hand, tense "run silent run deep" evasion of Earthforce and Minbari ships, perhaps the occasional attack on Earth Alliance shipping--with no witnesses--passed off as "raiders", mercenary missions run to gain support/supplies/whatever from minor local powers, a whole LOT of exploring the Rim action--taking place far away from the B5 map's space with exotic aliens. Lots of potential.
Downsides I can see right away are: NPC Captain--Kallain is established as commander of the Tregati for its full 12 year run.
And the whole "it ends in suicide" finish.
That last doesn't bother me, really. Starting early in the exile, you'd have 10-12 "seasons" of games before hitting that nasty finish. Plenty of time. I doubt any such campaign would last long enough for it to become a problem. AND--I personally like the Doomed theme for a game. Never stopped any of my groups' enjoyment of Arthurian games. Knowing that it all goes down in flames adds an air of tragic nobility to the whole campaign.

Yep. If I had the time and enough gamers, I'd run it! You betcha'!
That's a pretty cool idea for a campaign, it also I think lends itself into possible espionage missions as the crew of the Trigati strugles to find out the truth about why the Minbari surrendered at the line. Not to mention trying to bring more support to a cause of renewing the war against the earthers.
Well the Minbari Factbook says that there is an entire group of Minbari who didnt take the surrender at the Line well so you could always get supplies through them as well. Remember that the religious caste guy was surprised about how 'informed' the Trigati's commander was on current events like who the new commander of B5 was.