A new edition of RQ has me feeling like a kid again.

Durand Durand

Banded Mongoose
I'm so excited about the new ed, I kinda feel giddy (tee hee hee). I remember how excited I was to buy the first boxed set after playing RQ II at a convention in the 80's, and I feel the same way now. I've emailed a few old RQ buddies and we'll probably have a 2nd Age game up within a month of the rules going out (No mean feat considering the scheduling difficulties we have), a big local HW game I bowed out of a few years back is drawing to a close (they are resurrecting Genert), and the old crew are kinda keen to try some good old fashioned limb-crippling RQ mayhem. I went into the FLGS to order two copies of the whole shebang for me and a close mate. I want me a box of ducks too.

I'm getting nostalgic. I was very luck to be raised on Melbourne brand convention RQ & Cthulhu. Seriously, when I was a kid here, the con scene was large and vibrant with great teams of talented writers and energetic con organisers. Now, we are a fairly small community and MTG, Warhammer, PC's and Consoles have done a fair bit to put a damp and big rpg convetions here, but we still got writers and organisers (someone is actually running a con here just for past and present writers and organisers, so they get a chance to play really). I'll happily put a hand up to run the odd demo game for RQ4 at the next round of con's here.

I feel the same way. Like Christmas is coming, and I'm 10 years old. I still remember the thrill when I first picked up my RQ2 red hardcover and started looking through it. At the time we were playing patched AD&D, RQ2 was like water to a dying man in the desert.

It wound up splitting our gaming group, some going to RQ2 and others staying with AD&D. I am hoping to entice some D&D players away again, like the good old days... :)
I'm optomistic too, but a little cautious. I hope the new version of RQ will be good, but I've seen enough "improved" RPGs to be worried.
It's great, isn't it?

And so far this feels more like RQ2 than RQ3, with proper publisher support and some really good muscle behind it, not to mention the looming promise of some hard-hitting licensed settings to back it up.

I am looking forward to it.

If I manage to get my hands on a copy before we go on holiday on 13 August I am going to see if I can manage to run a quick adventure with the children while we are away. They are only used to D20 so we shall see.

An entertaining idea anyway.