A New Conan Game (Session Recaps)

Hey all!

I've recently started my first ever Conan RPG game! So far it's been pretty fun, but it's hard to stay clear of the classic "high-fantasy" aspects of other settings.

We're trying and I decided to post the recaps I have done so far on here. I hope that's ok and please feel free to steal whatever ideas you want for your own games.

I welcome any suggestions or comments if you feel the need. I apologize if this isn't the place to post this and if that is the case, I will cease and desist. :)

Hope you enjoy! My group sure is!
Here are some brief character bios:

Whisper (Thief): A young Shemite woman who was once the daughter of a minor noble. After her family was killed the assassin stayed his hand and took her under his wing, taking her to Zamora and training her in the deadly arts. There she grew up amidst thieves and killers, forgetting her young life with her caring parents. She has only recently earned the right to fight and kill alone, without the need for her mentor. He has since left her alone to fend for herself.

Thorr (Barbarian): An Aseir barbarian from the North. Conceived after his mother was raped during a raid by the raiding party of another tribe, his mother fled their village in shame. The two villages nearly destroyed each other before Thorr was born. He grew up alone after his mother died and was taught the art of the sword by those few villagers who remained. Seeking revenge when he was merely seventeen he sought out the man who raped his mother and killed him in honorable one-on-one combat, taking his sword. He has since been roaming the northern regions stealing what he can and earning a name for himself as a brave fighter. He never settles anywhere for long.

Forceli Di'Sancha (Soldier): A Zingaran gladiator forced into the arena at a young age. He rose in glory and fame and fought his way to freedom after forcing his owner into releasing him. His name is known amongst the gladiator fans in Zingara and in many other nations across the globe. Penniless he moves from place to place earning his keep. His taste for putting on a show has not left him and he still fights with the showmanship and finesse he is known for.
Session 1 - Always Running - Part 1 (Whisper):

[Whisper - Thief 4]

After a time of wandering alone through the streets of Shadizar in Zamora, Whisper finds herself allying with a group of thief's and assassins known as the Darious Clan. They are a small non-influential group of ruffians that barely work together for profit and convenience.

Small thieving jobs and stealing minor items kept her busy while waiting for her chance to become a true assassin, like her mentor before her. The days turned into dull mindless tasks.
Her chance would come as she was offered a contract from her associate in a Tavern known as "Shady Legs". She was to kill a minor merchant as he does his nightly blackmailing in a market only five blocks from the tavern. Whisper agreed to the contract (as if she had a choice) and did a little scouting of the area during the day.

Her choice of vantage point was a rooftop with a perfect view of the market and its inhabitants. Its only downfall is it's viewable from nearly all areas and she may have to move quickly to escape without being seen. She trusts her skills and knowledge of the city's alleyways and decides this will be the easiest bow range shot.

That night she sets out to make her kill. Sitting nervously on the rooftop, she fingers her bow and draws and arrow from her quiver. Looking down into the street she notices a rather large crowd and realizes she does not know exactly what this merchant looks like. There are several well-dressed men amongst the crowd that have bodyguards and seem wealthy, but Whisper curses herself for not getting more info regarding her target. She decides to take a huge risk and reveal her position.

She calls out the merchants name and as her yell rings through the crowd, the chatter silences. A man turns to look to the voice and Whisper sends an arrow through his neck. She takes another shot and hits him in the back, pinning him to a merchant's stall. His bodyguards return fire, but Whisper deftly dodges the attacks and retreats into the backalley's.

Soon, she hears the voices and shuffling feet chasing her fade into the distance. After circling the area and backtracking to lose any trails, she returns to her small rented room in the hideout of the Darious Clan. No one awaits her and the small building is empty.

Shaking, she settles into her room. Her first kill wasn't as she planned. In fact, her mentor would have disapproved. Her carelessness nearly cost her and she could have been killed.

Whisper hears the light sound of footsteps on the roof. Only a thief could move so silently. Whisper draws her short sword and moves towards the only entrance or exit into the room, her door. Opening it she peers outside to hear the sounds of feet down below on the first floor.

Deciding it's not normal for the Darious clan to be sneaking around in their own hideout, she flees the building, nearly getting shot as crossbow bolts fly past her. Deadly shots, missing her by centimeters. Her quick feet and knowledge of the area keep her moving and alive. A man calls behind her that she should never have killed the merchant as he was an important ally to many criminals in the city.

Darting from alley to alley and avoiding the main congested streets she rushes past a brothel as the whores don't give her a glance. She considers hiding in it, then chooses against it. Her clan must be able to help her.

Two men attack her as she crosses through a street. Taking cover behind a corner she spots them on the rooftops. Her instincts tell her it would be foolish to confront them so she continues her run. At this point, she begins to fear someone has sold her out.

In a tight alleyway, a door opens just as he is running through. Her reflexes save her and a normal looking man offers to help her. She panicks and stabs the man in the stomach, guiding him to the ground. She whispers "shhhhh" into his ear as she pulls her sword out of his belly. Whisper leaves the innocent man bleeding to death in the alley.

Deciding to leave the city she makes for the closest gates. When she reaches them, she covers herself in the nearest crowd. Spotting her clan leader, Zarak, approaching she moves to meet him. He lashes out at her with a curved knife, cutting her stomach. She counters and strikes at him which he dodges. His next lash connects with an innocent bystander as Whisper makes a run for the gate. She escapes into the dry plains surrounding Shadizar.

Confused, betrayed and wounded, Whisper walks mindlessly. Her purpose in life now shattered she is lost. No food, water or supplies she wanders for days, barely living off the scraps she can piece together. Her journey takes her into the heat of the wilderness and she eventually collapses of exhaustion and dyhydration.

She awakens near a cool spring of water, her wounds cleaned and bandaged and her throat not nearly as partched. Whisper finds that she had been rescued by a roaming Cimmerian journeying to meet a fellow tribesman for a meeting. He now was on his journey home and offers to help, for a price. She agrees and after some bartering decides to repay him using her body. Of course, he agrees.

After many nights of sex and ale, Whisper recovers. The Cimmerian (who never reveals his name) leaves her in the North of Brythunnia near a small mining town close to the borders of Nordheim. She rents a room in the small and weathered inn and disguses herself as a young man (to avoid those that may be chasing her). She then decides to offer her services to the only local travelling nobleman named Valanus.

Valanus, a fairly rich popus ass, offers her 100gl if she will travel into Nordheim and assassinate a rival Aquilonian merchant who is trying to sell weapons to many of the northern villages. He gives no further details and Whisper doesn't ask. He warns her that the barbarians are "uncivilized brutes". Still, for 100gl Whisper was willing to do anything.

She begins her journey north with a 50gl advance and a free horse.
Barbarian Nightmare - Session 1 - Part 2

Whisper - Thief 4
Thorr - Barbarian 4

After waking up after a long night of drinking ale alone in his small cabin, Thorr is woken by the sounds of armoured men moving through the brush outside. Grabbing his warsword and cursing these men for bothering him so early, he ventures outside, challenging any who wish him harm.

A brief tense standoff occurs in which another barbarian wearing a scale corslet and having a long blond beard attempts to assure Thorr they mean him no harm. Thorr counts 20 men, all armed and decides its best not to push a needless fight, however bloody and honorable it would be!

The man introduces himself as Bragi, the son of a local village king named Erik. The village of Erda needs the strength and bravery of Thorr for a particularly violent endevour. Bragi promises much glory and bounty if Thorr chooses to help their village in a time of need. With those promises, Thorr can't possibly decline.

The journey to Erda, which normally takes three days, takes the barbarians six. They spend time challenging one another and drinking until late into the night. The delay seems to be common amongst the men of Erda as they live a life of comradery and courage.

Upon finally reaching Erda the men are greeted warmly by King Erik who takes them into his longhouse/hall and offers Thorr more drink and a selection of women. Thorr accepts both and there is another night of drinking and storytelling without ever talking about the mission in which Thorr had been asked to help.

The next morning, after recovering from hangovers, the king, Bragi and Thorr finally discuss their problems. It seems there are two different merchants headed for the small village and king Erik does not want a bidding war to start over their wares. He has struck a deal with the Aquilonian merchant to lower his prices if they can stop the Nemidian merchant from arriving. Erik asks Thorr to accompany his son Bragi and twenty warriors in a raid against the caravan. There will likely be nearly 40 men guarding it, as they have been travelling for quite some time. Bragi and Thorr assure the king that glory and victory will be theirs! If not, they will surely go to Valhalla with blood on their blades!

After a night of planning, the men venture out to ambush the caravan. In a perfect ambush, the Aseir fight proudly and bravely. Thorr charges headlong into the fray, headless of the dangers and shows his courage as his warsword strikes true. He severs limbs, beheads men and even dismounts a warrior by killing his horse. He suffers heavy wounds, but the glory of victory pushes him harder. He kills the last fleeing Nemedian Mercenary and looks across the battlefield. Within minutes, the guards are dead or fleeing by horse with whatever little they could save and the rest lie dying and dead amongst the blood stained snow. Bragi kills the merchant, holding his head high.


Whispers journey north proved rather easy. She was well prepared and stocked and moves as quickly as her horse would take her. Stopping for directions she learned the path to the village of Erda where the Aquilionian merchant would arrive.

After several days of travel she hears the sounds of battle in the distance. Perhaps it is a raid, or a party struck by bandits, but she sees the opportunity to possibly help some barbarians or at least make contact with them to get where she needs to go. She arrives as the battle is heated and watches men fight fiercer than she had ever seen. The barbarians overwhelm the caravan although they are outnumbered they show courage unlike any man she had ever witnessed.


The barbarians begin collecting their loot from the caravan and agree to grieve for their lost brothers later that night. Only ten Erda men are left standing. Thorr killed 11 men alone.

They spot the lone rider and demand to know what he wants (whisper is still disgused as a man). When she wishes them no harm, they tell her she must accompany them back to Erda. She agrees and helps them loot the dead soldiers and damaged caravan.

The journey back to Erda is quick and the king greets them as heroes. They are treated to a grand feast and told the Aquilionian merchant (Yasar) will be arriving sometime the next day. They tie up Whisper in fear she is working with the Nemedians and agree to let her go once Yasar has come and gone.

There is much sex and drinking, while Whisper tries to hide her true sex from the rowdy barbarians. They grow suspicious as she sits alone most of the night and barely drinks although they offer her many women and much ale.

Later that night, when the men are passed out, a maid stumbles over Whisper and discovers her disguise. She agrees not to tell the king and gives her one night to escape. Whisper fails in her escape as the king awakens. The maid tells all and King Erik demands to know her true purpose or they will behead her.

Reluctantly, Whisper tells the barbarians her true plans to assassinate the merchant. Erik refuses to let her kill the man bringing wares in peace to his village, yet agrees that she may kill him once his caravan leaves Erda territory the next day. Whisper agrees.

Meanwhile, a drunken Thorr tries to seduce Whisper but fails miserably. This begins a lifegoal for the warrior. Instead, he settles for two handmaidens.

When the Aquilionian merchant arrives, he meets privately with the king. There is a standoff between Bragi, Thorr and Whisper and a group of rowdy mercenary's escorting the caravan. They decide to settle the standoff by fighting one-on-one with Thorr. The big barbarian makes short work of the mercenary in hand-to-hand combat, breaking his nose and arm with many hard and swift blows. The Aquilionians leave them alone...

Using his bravery to try and impress Whisper again fails. She wants nothing to do with the brute.

The merchant does his trading and sells his wares. Packing up, he leaves with his caravan, leaving only a small group behind to finish some smaller deals. Whisper prepares to leave when she is warned by thorr that there are nearly 30 guards with that merchant and she will not be able to kill him alone. He offers to help, for a share of the reward. She agrees.

Bragi and King Erik thank Thorr for his courage and tell him they will sing songs of his blade for generations to come. He honours them by sharing one last drink and promises to return in the near future. Whisper grows impatient with all the chest-smashing manliness and rides on ahead.

They settle on a plan of attack on route. Thorr will cause a distraction by attacking the smallest force of the caravan while Whisper will sneak into the merchants wagon and kill him. They will both then ride off into the darkness. Thorr mutters something about him taking the most risk, but Whisper ignores him.

The attack at dusk with Thorr riding headlong into a group of ten soldiers caught off guard. He kills two quickly, but they regroup and pull him from his horse. He is stabbed twice as spears snap the mail he is wearing and pierce his skin. The pain makes him angrier. His sword manages to kill several more with hard smashing blows that crushes a skull and a shoulder.

Whisper arrives at the wagon to find it empty with no merchant inside. There is a scantily clad woman who tells her the merchant never left Erda...

Betrayed again, Whisper tries to leave quietly but fails. She is confronted with three guards, whom she fights quickly and deadly, slashing her short sword into critical areas while feeling the warmth of hot blood warm her cold hands.

She is wounded by guards hidden in the trees, shooting arrows. An ambush! The merchant knew they were coming for him! She tries to get Thorrs attention, but the clanking of swords and the death knells of wounded men drown her out.

Instead she gets into the lead wagon and spurs the horses into action, trying her best to flee. Thorr finally spots Whisper fleeing and catches onto the wagon as she passes. The soldiers give chase and three men climb onto the slowly moving wagon. Thorr fights one while holding onto the rotten wooden railings. He kills the man with a thurst to the chest, yet falls off the wagon in the process.

Whisper looks back for him, but presses on, only concerned with saving her own hide.

Thorr once again fights bravely, taking on several mounted men and taking several deep wounds to his chest and shoulder. He manages to dismount a mercenary and steal his horse, catching up with the wagon and jumping inside.

As if called back, the soldiers stop giving chase and allow the wounded would-be assassins to escape.

Thorr bandages his wounds as best he can and then when assured they are safe, takes advantage of the scantily-clad slave trapped in the wagon with him. Whisper does her best to ignore him.

End Session 1
Sweet Sweet Revenge - Session 2 - Part 1

Whisper - Thief 5
Thorr - Barbarian 5
Forceli - Soldier 5

After their botched assassination attempt, Thorr and Whisper decide to travel back to the Brythunnian town rather than Erda and into another overwhelming fight. The journey is fairly smooth until the axle on the wagon snaps and they are forced to ride the rest of the way.

By that time, Thorr is bored with the slave woman and she has fallen in love with him. He wants to leave her behind, yet Whisper decides it would be best to try and sell her when they get the chance. Thorr entertains the slave-girl until they can get rid of her for some silver.

They reach the town and Thorr goes to the blacksmith to have his mail repaired. The smithy's daughter takes the job and says it will take at least a day to repair the damage and it will not be in great shape. Thorr seems to forget about his armour as he tries to impress the young lady with his tales of valour and his muscular physique. She, like Whisper, would have none of it. He then goes to the tavern to have some much needed ale.

Whisper seeks out Valanus (the nobleman who gave her the mission) and finds him. He thanks her for trying and wishes her luck, but demands his 50gl downpayment back, which Whisper thankfully didn't spend. Still, Whisper gets a bad vibe from the noble as he was too nice and happy about the failure. She decides to grab Thorr and get out of town.

She finds Thorr drunk out of his mind and having arm wrestles any man willing to try. There is a small crowd of travellers and locals betting on the matches and having a great time. Whisper immediately notices another nobleman here.

Thorr wrestles the nobleman's bodyguard, a massive man named Tyrr. Thorr loses as he tries to drink and arm-wrestle at the same time, losing his concentration. Defeated, he tries again to seduce Whisper. She refuses and the nobleman takes notice, offering him a one time deal. In a game of chance (a roll of the dice) and the noble wins, he gets Whisper for the night. If the noble loses, he pays Thorr 10sp. Thorr, seeing nothing to lose, agrees. He loses the bet and has to give up the unwilling Whisper who was happy to be picked by a nobleman.

Instead, the nobleman pushes her away when she gets close, saying he is merely a gambler and likes the chance. He insults her by adding he can get much better elsewhere. Of course, Whisper smashes an ale glass across his face, starting a bar fight in which several men fight for no reason. Whisper tries to outmanouver Tyrr, the merchants bodyguard, as he slams his fists into her face and back. She eventually decides to flee the tavern as the town guard are called.

Thorr, still drunk, throws a few punches and knocks out a couple of men who try and attack him. He then flees with Whisper.

With nowhere to run, they go to the blacksmiths. Thorr in a panic kicks down the flimsy wooden door and bursts inside, startling the blacksmith and his daughter as they are sleeping. He reinforces the door by pushing a cupboard in front of it and demands the blacksmith fix his mail and keep them here over night. The blacksmith, at sword point, has no choice.

The night is long and the town watch does not attempt to chase them down. Thorr tries to seduce the blacksmiths daughter and Whisper keeps the blacksmith working hard. Eventually the sun rises and Thorr's mail is complete.

They venture outdoors and thank the blacksmith who angrily kicks them out of his home. Whisper considers killing the family, but Thorr doesn't let her. They decide to go back to the tavern and find that noble. Afterall, they still need revenge for his insult.

They arrive at the tavern to find two guards standing outside and they are refused entry. When they ask why, the guards tell them the prominent Aquilionian nobleman was found dead in his room and an investigation is underway. Whisper tries to lie her way past the guards but instead reveals they were the ones who started the fight.

At this time (right before they were to be arrested), a dark-skinned man approaches from across the street and demands to go into the tavern. The guards refuse and he insists he had no part in the bar-fight. With the help of this man, the guards are intimidated into letting the group through.

This man introduces himself as Forceli Di'Sancha, and is clearly a fighter. He wears and arming sword, carries a pike and wears scale armour.

The tavern is a disaster. Tables are crashed and blood is drying on the walls and broken furniture. The innkeeper is working alone, picking up broken glass and cleaning up behind the bar. He shoots the group dirty looks as they fix a table so they can sit down.

Knowing Whisper and Thorr want answers and the innkeeper would never speak with them, Forceli offers to try and find out what happened if they will buy him a drink. Whisper agrees and Forceli goes to talk with the innkeeper.

Initially hostile and jumpy, the innkeeper calms down once Forceli removes his sword and promises he is not here to harm or destroy anything. He then insists he only wants a drink. The innkeeper tells him a noble man named Yamas from Aquilionia (although he never believed the noble was Aquilionian as he looked more Shemite) was killed in his room, throat slashed. This noble had been through town on a number of occasions with a small retine and always met with Valanus. Some times, they would ride out together and not return for several weeks. Tyrr, the nobles bodyguard, left late last night with Valanus after the news of his masters death. With nothing else to find out, Forceli asks the innkeeper if he needs new guards for the inn. Unfortunately there is no money to pay for guards as he has to fix his home. Forceli thanks the innkeeper and the entire group leaves.

Outside they all introduce themselves and Forceli sees the opportunity to travel with well-armed people. It's possible he could find work with people such as these and offers to tag along. Thorr and Whisper are happy to have another sword to help fight the people that may or may not be chasing them.

Deciding leave everything that happened in town behind them, they set out for Shadizar where Whisper hopes to find and kill those who betrayed her. She's quite certain that Thorr and Forceli will be more than enough muscle for her to get revenge. With nowhere else to go, the two men decide to go along for the ride. At least until it gets unprofitable.

After riding away from the town for nearly a half hour, Whisper spots two riders riding hard down the dirt road towards them. Before the men can decide what to do, Whisper lets loose and arrow and one of the riders rises a shield in time to save his life. They shout that they are friends, not foes. As they come into view, it is seen that they are Aseir barbarians. Thorr takes a moment to welcome his countrymen and ask what they want. Whisper chuckles when she realizes she nearly killed an ally and everyone wonders just how paranoid she really is.

The men had been following Thorr since his fight in the woods. They brought grave news. The entire population of Erda had been killed after an ambush by the Aquilionian Noble betrayed King Erik. He killed all and took back his goods. He then captured 15 of the women and marched them south to sell them as slaves. Bragi, with his dying words, asked the barbarians to find Thorr and get revenge. Furious, Thorr demands revenge and nearly forces the rest of the group to return to the town to start tracking Tyrr and Valanus.
Spy in the Night - Session 2 - Part 3

Whisper - Thief5
Forceli - Soldier5
Thorr - Barbarian5

The journey back to Kraus Village is a long one. The group attempts to track Tyrr and fails consistently. He has a 24 hour lead on them and seems to know how to hide his trail. Figuring they may be able to get info, or find a flaw in his trail back at the village, they continue on.

While the Barbarians attempt to pick up the trail just outside of the village, Whisper decides to do what she does best, gather information from the townsfolk. After asking around she arranges a quick meeting with one of the gate guards who reveals what he knows of Valanus' plans.

According to the guard, Valanus had been working with the assassinated Aquilionian noble for some time. They had started a Slave-Trading business by selling what woman they could capture from Asgard or Brythunnia. However, Valanus got greedy. After the latest journey by the Aquilionian noble into Asgard, Valanus hired Whisper to kill him, knowing she would fail. Therefore, the nobleman returned thinking he had foiled a grand plan, when in fact he was walking into a trap. Valanus hired the bodyguard Tyrr and had him kill the noble when the time was right. Since then, they have fled into the south with a caravan of armed guards to sell their newly acquired slaves.

Knowing she had been used again, Whisper decides to try and get revenge on the greedy Valanus.

Meanwhile, the barbarians, with the help of Forceli, pick up the trail of Valanus and Tyrr and discover that there is a caravan with them. Everyone decides to follow the trail and devise a plan to overtake them on the way.

They journey for two nights and decide to attack the caravan. After much discussion they decide to have Whisper infiltrate the camp at night, using her overhyped thieving skills, and release the Asgardian women to cause havoc amongst the caravan. Then, Thorr and the barbarians will attack while whisper kills Valanus and Forceli arrives posing as a noble ready to take over leadership of the mercenaries once their leader is killed. Afterall, their can't be that many of them...

As they make camp and begin to discuss what percentage of the loot each person will earn, Whisper and Forceli hear movement in the forest surrounding them. In an instant, Whisper and the barbarian Modi, rush into the trees. Forceli grabs his pike and launches it into the darkness, hoping for a lucky shot. He misses.

Meanwhile, despite all the ruckus, Thorr sleeps soundly in his bedroll.

Whisper is the fastest and spots a figure rushing through the woods. She nearly catches him when she notices another figure, off to the right. Making a choice she draws and arrow and launches it at the nearest figure, killing it. The second figure, however, gets away, disappearing into the darkness.

Modi the barbarian and Whisper return to camp after searching the dead body of the figure. He was lightly armed and wore no armor. He bore no marks or tattoos and carried nothing but an arming sword.

After some discussion on whether or not these mysterious spies overheard their plans to attack the caravan, Forceli and Whisper decide to do some investigating and search the woods a little deeper. Instead of waiting until daybreak, they decide the moon will be enough light for them to wander in.

The barbarians discover something much more upsetting. The tracks they have been following are in fact much different than they originally thought. Modi determines that there are nearly sixty people on foot and twenty or so horses that are bearing a lot of weight. It may be Calvary. The odds just got worse...

Forceli and Whisper reach a clearing in which two horses remained tied up. Determining there may still be someone near by, they go into the woods silently. Sure enough, an arrow narrowly misses Forceli's head and slams into a tree. Whisper notices where the shot came from and moves to get a clear shot with her bow.

Forceli also spots the shooter and rushes his position, unsheathing his arming sword and engaging the man in melee combat. The first few blows are parried by both fighters as they rain death dealing strikes upon one another. Over head chops are blocked by outstretched blades. Sparks fly and blades clash.

Whisper gets into position and launches a shot, trying not to hit Forceli in the midst. She misses and the spy moves out of her range, forcing her to move once again to get a clear shot.

Forceli wounds his attacker and yet he keeps coming. Shouting warnings such as "I have killed better than you boy!" his blade rings true, cutting deep into his opponents calf and torso. Not to be outdone, the attacker blocks a low strike by Forceli and cuts into his right shoulder.

Whisper again gets into position and lines up her shot, trying not to kill the man so they can take him for questioning.

Forceli lands a solid wounding blow, pinning the attacker against a tree. He is incapacitated and willing to talk.

However, just as he is about to reveal who he works for, an arrow goes through his throat, killing him...Whispers' shot was a little too accurate (botch).

Upset and injured, the two return to camp.
I agree - this is a fun read. I was wondering what level these three are just to fill-out their characters. 8)
Thanks for the comments guys! I'm glad you're enjoying the recaps. I have one more to post when I get the time to write it up.

Whisper is a Level 5 Thief
Thorr is a Level 5 Barbarian
Forceli is a Level 5 Soldier

Thanks again guys, I'm glad I could entertain!
Victory? - Session 2 - Final

Whisper - Theif 5
Thorr - Barbarian 5
Forceli - Soldier 5

With no information and two dead bodies, the group tries to decide what to do next. After all the fighting and commotion is done Thorr finally wakes up, asking about what happened and upset that he missed the bloodshed.

Over a nice fire and many flagons of ale (they are running a little low), the group starts the revision planning session. There is much talk about how to dibby up the rewards of the slaves and loot after the fight...the fight hasn't even happened yet!

They know they're close to the caravan if those enemies were scouts. They're hoping they killed them all and no word got back to Valanus and his crew. So, the original plan is still the plan: Whisper sneaks into the camp, releases the Asgardian women to start a commotion, Thorr rides in and a fight ensues. Forceli arrives to challenge Valanus for leadership to a caravan in disarray (before Whisper and Thorr are killed), everyone is happy. Simple?

The next morning the group splits up. Thorr and Whisper start their journey to the caravan hoping to reach it by nightfall. Forceli and the two barbarian NPC's, as well as the "tag-along" noble slave girl (who they are still hoping to sell), travel behind them so they can arrive in perfect timing of the attack.

Later that night, Whisper and Thorr finally find the caravan and its camp. Pickets have been raised and there are quite a few tents and soldiers walking the perimeter. Whisper tells Thorr to wait for her signal in the surrounding tree-line. Whisper crawls her way down to the camp, remaining silent.

However, as she stands behind a guard, she steps on dry ground and surprises the guard. She grabs him, covering his mouth and lowering him to the ground, and proceeds to ask questions. "Where is Valanus? Where are the Asgardian Women caged? How many guards are there?" After getting basic answers the guard breaks free long enough to raise a low cry of "Intruder!" before Whisper's short blade digs deep into his throat. She whispers "Shhhhh" again as she lowers him to the ground, dying slowly.

Thorr watches the scene unfold, his muscles ready to leap into action at any moment, ready to kill or be killed in glorious battle!

Luckily, the guards cry of help goes unheard as two other guards are asleep at their posts. Whisper decides she has to get this guard out of sight and drags his body to the nearest tent. After listening to any motion inside, she decides it's safe. She takes the body in and notices a guard sleeping. She proceeds to stab him several times in the torso, while covering his mouth. At this exact moment (botch on move silently) another guard enters the tent...

"That game was ju-" He is surprised as Whisper leaps up and attacks him, missing. She knocks over the small lantern in the tent, setting it aflame. The other guard rushes into the camp, shouting a warning as Whisper curses and flees back to Thorr in the tree-line as the camp erupts in panic and curses.

The guards muster a brief counter assault and fire arrows at Whisper as she flees up the slope to the trees. She is hit twice, once in the thigh and once in the back. She collapses into a panic as she reaches Thorr.

Forceli, nearly a kilometer away, notices the fire and thinks quick on his feet. He realizes Whisper must have screwed up and rides in with his barbarians at his side. He tries to act like an outstanding noble (good performance skills from being a gladiator) and marches into the camp demanding to speak with Valanus.

Valanus greets him and Forceli 'orders' him to stop trying to attack Whisper and Thorr, as they are his "servants". Valanus orders them to come out of the trees. They do. Guards escort them back to camp as Whisper begins pretending the guards attacked her.

Valanus asks him men what happened and they shake their heads unknowingly. Everyone is in a panic and the captain for the soldiers tells Valanus he'll need a few moments to organize what happened and question those involved. In the meantime, Valanus agrees to speak privately with Forceli.

Once inside his private caravan, Forceli and his barbarian "bodyguards" discuss the possibility of working with Valanus and trading for slaves. Suspicious, Valanus begins to question Forceli with force when a guard interrupts (much to Forceli's delight) to inform him they have figured out what happened.

Outside, Thorr holds Whisper as she pretends to cry. Whenever anyone asks them a question, Whisper cries louder and Thorr ushers them away. Both hope Forceli knows what to do...

Emerging from his caravan, Valanus the pompous nobleman, speaks with his guardsmen as they inform him that Whisper was the one who attacked and killed two of his men. Furious Valanus demands to see the face of Whisper (who has been hiding her face in Thorr's chest the whole time, afraid to show her true identity to Valanus for fear their cover will be blown).

Inside the caravan, Forceli tries to use his reputation to sway a guard to his side...unsuccessfully. The guard had never heard of him or his gladiator ways. Instead, Forceli decides to take a risk and challenge Valanus outright. Putting on his best aura of authority, he emerges from the caravan, bodyguards in tow to challenge Valanus' clearly disorganized leadership of this caravan and it's mercenary's.

Seeing two of their men killed on duty, the mercenaries see this as a chance to get rid of a selfish leader. Valanus accepts and chooses Tyrr to fight in his place. Forceli chooses Thorr.

The guards make a circle and Thorr, who loves the chance to kill this heathen, gets ready for a good fight. They square off and exchange blows. Clearly, from the first blow it seems as if Thorr is the clear better.

Forceli gets the crowd going and cheering in Thorr's favor, giving him a boost.

Slashing both men bring their swords down in trained arcs, sparks fly as the two giants hack away at each other. After several rounds of combat, both men are breathing heavily and Thorr launches a desperate charge. Tyrr brings his huge Scimitar up to block it. Thorr's warsword cuts straight through it and digs itself into the man's shoulder, slicing him open from shoulder to waist. Duel won by the Asgardian barbarian.

Thorr gives a triumphant cheer and challenges any of the other men...none accept.

Valanus tries to sneak away in the commotion, only to be stopped suddenly by Whisper, who removes her blade from his belly. As blood seeps from his mouth realization passes over his eyes. "You!". Again, whisper guides the body to the ground saying "shhhhhh".

The group is victorious and seem to have acquired a new mercenary band through force and quite a few slaves. Revenge is theirs!
Betrayal Through Blood - Session 3 - Part 1

Whisper - Thief5
Thorr - Barbarian5
Forceli - Soldier5

Betrayal Through Blood - Session 3

With the group enjoying their victory over the noble Valanus and his bodyguard Tyrr, they attempt to quell the mercenaries into serving them.

As the battle ends and the dust settles, many mercenaries begin to pack up and prepare to leave. With their employer dead and many only on temporary contract they have to find work. Thorr, however, has other plans. He shouts to all who are leaving. He warns that anyone deserting will be killed.

A Unit leader, a Sergeant, steps forward and declares that since the barbarian has no money they have every right to leave. He tells them they are mercenaries of the Free Companies and will not submit to leadership of a penniless barbarian and his crew.

Thorr draws his warsword and strikes him down.

Stunned, the mercenaries are unsure what to do. A second Unit Leader steps forward to defend his fallen comrade, and Whisper draws her bow. Thorr and Whisper are prepared to fight 70+ armed and armored mercenaries...

Thankfully, Forceli steps forward to stop the bloodshed, promising a solution. Finally, the Mercenary commander arrives (the commander of the entire company) and begins to berate the group for killing Valanus and their source of income. Thorr seems to believe that force will quell these men into following him...but he is wrong. The entire company is devoted to their commander and are prepared to kill Thorr and his companions.

Four riders escape during this time, riding away into the distance.

Forceli sees doom appearing and tries to calm everyone down. The commander draws his sword, prepared to fight Thorr to the death. Whisper fires and arrow at the man, he blocks it and just before all hell breaks loose, Forceli offers to talk privately.

The Commander, a military man named Thraxius, goes into Valanus' former tent and meets with Forceli and Thorr. He brings up good points:

1. The group have no money.
2. His company requires a lot of money.
3. No money = No Mercenaries

Thorr gets upset over this lack of funding and punches the commander. The commander respects the violence in the barbarian and agrees to hear an 'alternate' plan. Forceli and the commander discuss the opportunity of raiding a manor (Valanus' old manor) for gold and loot. The Commander knows there is an abundance there, and decides to accept as long as there is money to be had.

There are complications, however. The manor is deep in Corinthian territory and in a city-state which is at war. The ruler of that city-state is a Shemite named Raseem and the other 'nobles' of Corinthia do not like this fact and are attacking him. The mercenaries are sure they will be seen as a threat and attacked the moment they enter the city-state.

Forceli arrives at the conclusion that it may be best to approach diplomatically and attempt to gain Raseem's favor. With this favor, they will be free to attack Valanus' old manor and take the loot they require.

Again, another plan is developed. The group neglects to remember that all their previous plans have ended in complete disaster and bloodshed.

Many hours pass as the group discusses plans and potential pitfalls, when a rider approaches the camp asking to speak with Forceli De Sancha. Forceli is on guard immediately as no one knows he is here. He allows the man to approach him.

The man states that he is a courier with a letter to deliver and he found Forceli by chance. Only 15 miles south of their current location is a small village where he had nearly given up hope of tracking De Sancha. Luckily, four mercenaries entered the tavern where he was and knew who Forceli was and that he was traveling with a group of mercenaries. The courier rushed straight away to find them.

In the letter, Forceli's father begs him to come and meet him. His mother is deathly ill and she wants only to see her son one last time. Although Forceli hates his father (as he is responsible for his enslavement as a gladiator) he makes plans to go and see his mother.

Thorr takes time to go visit the Asgardian slaves who are thankful to be alive. Bragi and Nordi (the two barbarian NPC's that have been with the group thus far) ask Thorr to accompany them to the border as the slaves refuse to leave the heroic barbarian behind.

At this moment, an elderly woman steps forward and tells Thorr she knew his mother. She asks if he is this far south looking for his father. He tells her he already killed his father and he is in a safe place. The old woman tells him she thinks his father is here in the Hyborian kingdoms, yet Thorr remains oblivious to the fact that his father may be alive.

He does agree to accompany the women to the north and then return to the caravan and journey with his comrades into Corinthia as co-leader of the mercenary company. Any chance for adventure and Thorr is there!

Meanwhile Whisper is up to no good. She visits the other slaves and they beg to be released. Whisper feeds them and sympathizes with them...then unlocks the one cage. She leaves them to their own devices laughing to herself the whole time.

With Thorr away and the night well upon them, Forceli ventures out of his tent for some fresh air to find the slaves gone. He raises the alarm and Thraxius (the commander - who is Furious and immediately suspects Whisper as the culprit) splits his Calvary into two groups to track the slaves that have ran away. Forceli leads one group southwest.

Off to find the slaves!
Betrayal Through Blood - Session 3 - Part 2

Whisper - Thief5
Thorr - Barbarian5
Forceli - Soldier5

Forceli takes ten of the mercenary Calvary off into the night to find the run-away slaves. Angry and frustrated they ride hard and eventually track down several slaves. Among them is a young girl, about 13, who the mercenaries instantly want to rape before bringing her back. She is a slave afterall.

Although Forceli is not a just man, this passes his moral boundries. He orders the mercenaries to leave her be, using the excuse that 'she is unspoiled and she will earn more coin that way'. Bitter and angry the mercenaries back off. They see Forceli as just a brigand who is helping their general, not a leader.

They continue to look for slaves. Finding only a few more, the journey back provides Forceli with the opportunity to teach the mercenary who was the most bitter a lesson. Taking his pike, he jams it into the mercenary's horse (pretending it was an accident), causing the horse to crash to the ground. The mercenary is killed instantly in the fall.

After ordering the body to be taken back to camp, Forceli and the rest of the riders return.

Once back, they determine that of the 55 slaves missing, only 19 have been recovered. A huge loss.

Thraxius, the mercenary general, is furious and automatically blames Whisper. She is a fantastic liar and no person saw her do anything wrong, so she is innocent. Much to the dismay of the general.

Forceli knows better and approaches her, warning her to keep her calm and not to cause any more needless trouble. For his troubles he takes a portion of her card game winnings for himself (she was playing cards with several soldiers at that time).


Meanwhile, Thorr rides with his barbarian brothers northward, drinking ale and singing songs of glory and battle the entire way.

After two days ride, they make camp in amongst a small group of trees amidst the vast rolling plains of Brythunnia.

Sitting by the campfire, Thorr drinks a lot of ale and sleeps with many of the women. However, after during the night, while sitting outside and drinking with Bragi and Nordi (the northmen), Thorr begins to get dizzy and falls over, paralyzed.

He has been Posioned!

Wondering what is happening, he hears an unfamiliar voice speaking to Bragi. The accent is Aquilionian.

Since he can't move, he waits for someone to address him. A tanned skin man, who calls himself Grax tells Thorr:

"Your father sends his regards you half breed piece of dung," and stabs him with an arming sword through the chest.

Nordi and Bragi also take turns beating and stabbing Thorr, Nordi slits Thorr's throat.

They mock him constantly, telling him they couldn't stand his company and the slaves were a set up, to get Thorr involved. They call him a half-breed and a taint amongst the pure blood of the Asgard. Thorr fumes in rage as he slowly dies.

With one last insult, Grax cuts off Thorr's right ear, taking it as a prize.

Thorr slips into unconsciousness. (He does not, however, die. He uses a fate point and I allow him to live just to see how this wonderful revenge plot will go!).


Back at camp, Forceli notices Thorrs long overdue absence. He takes Whisper and a tracker named Pytr to accompany them on a search mission, telling the mercenaries to continue their journey into the mountains and to Corinthian.

They journey for just over a day and soon Pytr finds the trail of the barbarians (easy to find as they made such a drunken mess along the way). Whisper and Forceli, smelling the stench of death and feces, find Thorr lying amongst a clearing. He appears dead until he opens his eyes, screaming in rage...then falling into unconsciousness once more.

After bandaging his wounds as best they can, they take Thorr back to camp. After a rough ride back the mercenary doctor begins to care for Thorr, saying it's only by the grace of the gods that he still lives.

It will take some time, however, before he is fully recovered and fit to travel.

The camp decides to rest for a few days to decide what to do next.


That night, Whisper receives a guest in her tent. He arrives silently and in the darkness. It is her master, the assassin who trained her.

He tells her to assassinate Raseem (the noble who rules one of the Corinthian city-states). He is well guarded and it will be a challenge, but he believes she can do it.

She agrees.

He also informs her that she is the last of the Dario Clan (her former assassins guild). They were all murdered as they fled Shadizar. He warns her that they will come for her next.

Although the Dario Clan betrayed her, Whisper still feels honored to be the last of their line. She will fight to the bitter end.

She goes outside into the mercenary camp and informs Forceli (as he is practicing sword styles) of the news. He agrees and determines he will try and negotiate politically with the Camerlengo family (a powerful noble family in the Hyborian kingdoms to which his father was indebted) for some sort of advantage.

They wait for morning.
Here is a short fiction I sent my players after last session:

"Valanus is dead my lord," the robed figure whispered. "Killed in Brythunnia by brigands."

The man sitting on the bear fur covered floor shook his head. Raising the gem studded goblet to his mouth, he took a deep swallow of rich Aquilionian ale. "And the slaves? Have the mercenaries brought them?"

The robed man swallowed hard and kept his head low, avoiding eye contact with the imposing man. "No, my lord. They are still in the caravan. Last seen heading towards Corinthia."

Lord Garus Camerlengo smiled despite his anger. There had been a moment where he knew Valanus would fail him, but his family did not gain the wealth and prestige they had through lack of planning. Of course, he had a plan. "Amric, Valanus was a fool. He did not have the foresight a man of his status should have. That is why he is dead. We are alive, however, and there is no reason to worry."

Amric looked visibly relived. There had been times when his master lashed out at him for minor problems. This was uncharacteristic. There was a lot at stake, especially with the Aquilionian princess among the slaves. Garus was taking this well and Amric was happy there would be no beating.

Lord Garus continued, "I want you to bring me Diego De Sancha. Tell him I must speak with him at once, he will know why."

"Yes my lord." Amric bowed and left the room.

Garus finished his ale and stroked his thick red beard. The death of Valanus was a problem and it would slow his plans to a crawl. He would have to find those responsible and destroy them. That was, of course, the Camerlengo way.

It would take either a cunning mind, or a complete fool to kill Valanus. Either way, Garus would take great pleasure in the slow torturous death of those involved. This delay in planning would cost him much and debts never go unpaid in the Camerlengo family.

"Kill them all, make it painful." Garus looked to the figure standing in the shadows who had been unseen and silent until now. "Find the princess and bring her to me, I want her..." He smiled and poured another cup of ale. "Unspoiled."

"You have my word." The man stepped into the light revealing his chilling features. A scarred face and dead white right eye looked to Garus. "I have told my apprentice to kill Raseem, she will fail and be killed. Her murder of Valanus was uncalled for and reckless. She does not deserve to be the last of the Dario Clan."

Garus smiled. "If she succeeds in assassinating Raseem, I trust you will finish her?"

For the first time in many years, the master assassin smiled. "I will enjoy it my lord."

With that the assassin was gone, leaving Garus smiling alone in the room.
Session 4 - The Demon From Beyond

Forceli - Soldier6
Whisper - Thief6

Our heroes, or anti-heroes, begin their long journey through the Karpash Mountains into Corinthia.

Unfortunately, Thorr is so badly injured that he must be left behind. After a debate regarding leaving men behind to guard Thorr (Whisper says that Thorr can guard himself and doesn't need protection...nice friend) they decide to leave 10 men standing guard.

Forceli convinces Thraxius to leave the men as Thorr was a great fighting man and has earned the right to fight again another day.

So, they move northward.

The journey is uneventful for many days, the weather is occasionally rainy but they have little problem moving the large caravan through the narrow pathways of the mountains.

Whisper makes small talk with the slaves, pretending to scold them (pulling off some fantastic bluff rolls). Instead she gives one slave, a woman who looks to be in charge, a lockpick. Forceli watches Whisper closely, fearing that she may try and rescue the slaves, but doesn't spot the exchange. The slave pretends to be angry with Whisper and spits in her face. Silently thanking her for saving them...

After a week of travel supplies begin to run low. There is not enough grain to feed the horses and they realize they must stop and replenish. Scouts are sent into the distance and two return with word that there is a walled village just north of their position, three hours ride.

The scouts inform Thraxius, Forceli and Whisper that there is smoke rising from the chimney's but the walls are sealed shut.

Thraxius and his two Sergeants find it odd that there is a village here as several months ago, there was no sign of life in the valley ahead. They ignore the oddness of it all and agree to approach the village, using Whisper as a decoy to gain entrance.

Whisper, since she is the best liar, will disguise herself as a noblewoman and take an accompaniment of 20 soldiers (along with Forceli) to the village. They will enter the village and gather enough supplies and help for the mercenary's to continue their long journey.

As they approach the village, which has 20 foot high wooden walls and nearly two miles of plowed land surrounding it, they notice no sentries on the ramparts.

The gates are barred shut when they call out, no one answers. Whisper gets a bad feeling and wants to flee, yet Forceli knows the mercenary company needs supplies and decides to try and get in. He orders some of the men to try and open the gates. To their surprise, they open.

There is no movement in the village, no sign of life (except for the smoke coming from the chimney's). There is no sign of death either. Everything is in great shape and there are no dead bodies scattered as a sign of battle.

Forceli also gets a bad feeling and orders a search of two homes. The mercenary soldiers go and kick open the doors, finding nothing. Getting a bad feeling, Forceli recalls his men. Whisper notices that one soldier is missing...and no one saw him disappear.

Fearing sorcery and demons, Whisper begins to freak out. She demands that they flee yet Forceli decides to wait for the rest of the mercenaries to arrive. The soldiers agree with him and Whisper reluctantly sticks around.

Forceli sees a shadow in one of the windows and tells everyone to stay on guard as there is clearly something within the buildings. He guesses they are hiding.

Thraxius eventually arrives with the rest of the company and orders and immediate search of the village, ignoring Forceli's warnings that something seems wrong. The search reveals that the village is empty and Thraxius decides that the company deserves a night under a roof and in a comfortable bed. They all go into the village with Whisper scared.

The soldiers set up a guard and begin to relax. As night begins to fall, Forceli notices the slave cages are empty and curses that they've escaped again. Thraxius is uncaring at this point, having already written off the slaves as a lost cause. Forceli decides to take Whisper and go and find them.

They ride out of the village, venturing into the open fields and see the slaves scattered entering the treeline. They follow.

Whisper is terrified as they enter the woods and notice there is a light fog along the forest floor. They could not see this fog until they passed into the treeline. They spot a slave running through the woods and move to follow.

She stops and falls to her knees just above a small pool of water. He looks down into it as Forceli and Whisper arrive, standing behind her.

The fog is thick and shadows can be seen moving just out of vision...Whisper cries of sorcery and wants to flee...

The slave girl turns to face them revealing a decayed face and zombie like appearance. Forceli draws his sword and the girl falls into the small pool, disappearing beneath the water. Terrified at what they just saw, Whisper and Forceli flee as quickly as possible back to the village (after debating to just run into the hills and never return).
Valanus is dead my lord," the robed figure whispered. "Killed in Brythunnia by brigands."

This is a very Conanesque statement; great looking game you're running. Wish I could be part of it.
The Demon of the Valley - Session 4 - Conclusion

Forceli - Soldier6
Whisper - Thief6

Upon returning to the walled village, Forceli and Whisper rush to meet with Thraxius to tell him what happened in the woods. Seeing the ghoul has riled them both and fearing that this place is truly cursed, they feel it would be best if the mercenary company moved on.

Unfortunately Thraxius feels differently. Forceli interrupts a planning session where the mercenary leaders were discussing possible routes through the Karpash Mountains and they are not happy. Here Forceli also finds that there are a few more soldiers who have gone missing, but Thraxius writes it off as drunken foolishness.

With their warnings going unheeded, Whisper and Forceli set out to spend the night. They walk amongst the village and manage to spot a guard, walking along along the rampart, disappear over the edge without a sound. Whisper rushes up to the wall to investigate, but finds nothing except an eerie darkness in which light seems to disappear.

Forceli is still determined that there is a rational explanation for everything. He doesn't believe in sorcery or witchcraft and shrugs the strange happenings off as oddities.

Later that night both heroes overhear a mercenary guard talking about the 'legend' surrounding the area. Surprised that no one had mentioned this tale before, they question the man and he tells time the tale:

"This valley was once lush farmland run by a small family community. There was a small walled village, not unlike this one, which was led by a village elder named Krayton. This man helped keep the community safe and isolated in this small valley until a dry spell hit hard one long winter. People began getting sick and dying and at this time a large temple was found buried in the mountain side, a temple dedicated to a long forgotten demon. Krayton took this as a sign and began to worship the demon, allowing his soul to become corrupted. But, one day the village disappeared without a trace. Merchants could find no sign of the lost community and many believe the descendants of Krayton still roam the forests looking for souls....but that's all just rumor! Let us drink the night away!"

Now both heroes are terrified that this is a bad omen. They once more try and tell Thraxius, who dismisses them again.

As the dead of night decends on the village, more soldiers begin to go missing and an unnatural darkness falls across the buildings. Forceli and Whisper notice that torchlight no longer reflects off the walls and upon investigating are attacked!

A shadow forms from the darkness into the shape of a man and lashes out with razor sharp claws. Only quick reflexes from Forceli save him as he raises his shield to deflect the blow. His return slash cuts deep into the shadow and it retreats into the darkness! Reddish green blood is on Forceli's blade.

With proof that something is wrong in the village, they inform Thraxius who finally agrees. Seeing that his men are really disappearing and the blood from the creature, he orders all his men to assemble and ready to leave ASAP.

At this time, two guards find a old ragged-looking man with bad teeth and wearing furs hiding in one of the houses...a house that was checked already. It's like he just 'appeared'.

This man tells Thraxius that Krayton, the village elder from the 'legend', needs souls for a ceremony to raise the demon Jal'kaish and has an offer to make Thraxius:

If he gives up 20 of his men for sacrifice, the rest will be allow to leave the valley unharmed.

Thraxius declines and orders the old man to be cut down. Forceli and two mercenaries stab the man several times and behead him.

The mercenary company assembles and prepares to leave. It is found to be missing 11 men who could not be found. Thraxius apologizes to Whisper and Forceli for not believing them and they begin to flee the valley.

The company is stopped along the treeline as figures begin to emerge. As they get closer it looks as though they are only farmers and are wearing no armor and few are carrying weapons...yet they walk directly towards the mercenaries. Thraxius orders a line formation and the men stand shield to shield.

Forceli spots a large man, 6'4, standing in the treeline out of bow range. He holds a staff and is chanting loudly.

As the farmers get closer it is revealed that they are ghouls, undead creatures. The mercenaries hold their ground as the farmers attack. It is a slaughter.

The farmers fall one-by-one, blood splashing across the grass...Whisper notices that the blood is being soaked into the earth and tells Forceli.

They warn Thraxius that the blood from the dying farmers is causing something to happen and Thraxius attempts to order his men to stop killing and organize a bloodless retreat. His orders backfire as many mercenaries fall trying not to kill their attackers...it is then that they all notice the valley they are in is surrounded by runes. In horror, they realize they are part of a ritual.

As if on cue, the clouds grow dark and a great blast of lightning strikes the ground only meters from the fighting. A giant portal opens and great tentacles begin reaching through and grabbing mercenary and farmer both. The great man with the staff, who Forceli assumes must me Krayton, begins walking towards the portal, carrying a glowing orb.

Whisper tries to shoot him with arrows, but the tentacles lash out to deflect her attacks away.

Rather than risk fighting the great beast or the raging farmers, Forceli and Whisper flee.

As cowards they leave the mercenaries to fight the losing battle and force Thraxius and the few straggling and wounded mercenaries who managed to survive the initial rampage to follow them. They ride/run hard up and out of the valley only to turn and watch a great beast emerge from the portal. It's features are so inhuman and unnatural that all feel as if their world is being torn apart around them. The beast disappears into the forest with the remaining farmers. Its plans are unknown.

After the battle is done, there are 12 mercenaries including Thraxius left. They all agree that fleeing is their best option.

And so, they flee like cowards to live another day.