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If it helps, there are pics of what the SFU versions of the Kzintis, Gorns, and Tholians look like over on ADB's Federation Commander homepage.

These differences are due to the peculiar terms of ADB's licence, which requires certain details to be different from what you see in the Paramount/CBS take on Trek (or the "Franchise", as is often reffered to over on the ADB boards).

The SFU Gorn species uses Gorns in plural, and despite "a small incident where two brash young captains shot first and faced embarrassing questions later" turned out to be fairly friendly to the Federation.

The Kzinti/Kzintis are not the same as the Kzin/Kzinti from the Franchise (or from Larry Niven's own works); they have cat ears, no tails, sentient females, plus a number of genetically-related rival species they have encountered (and fought) during their time in space.

The main species of Tholians seen in the SFU are a "pillar" breed with no legs (and which literally hover above the ground); though there are reports of a multi-legged "tholped" strain of Tholian, one of several kinds which had evolved back on the old Tholian home planet, in the way that Neanderthals and other hominids emerged alongside homo sapiens sapiens here on Earth.

there is more info on what the SFU entails over here; as well as in this free pdf.