A:2089 Question


Hello everybody, newcomer here...

Picked up the A:2089 for new year's gift and I've been slowly reading it and enjoying it as it goes.

But, I have one question. On page 41, there is the WarMek Handling feat, which states that without that feat, pilots get penalties to their WarMek Pilot skill checks, when piloting Meks of larger size than Small. It also says to refer to page 31 for details.

Page 31, WarMek Pilot skill. I can't find any relevant table, or information on penalties. All it says is that simple maneuvers don't requite checks, while more complex ones do, and check page 102 for details.

So, I go and browse through the entire Mek Combat chapter, I check the index for any mention of size modifiers and check the listing of tables at the last page... nothing...

I might be blind, seriously... but, where can I find the information on penalties based on WarMek Pilot Ranks and WarMek Size?

Thanks in advance!
I don't have my book handy, only a few thousand miles away, but I'll take a stab at your question.

I suspect this is related to the min pilot skill, listed in the table at the beginning of warmek combat, also has size and hide modifiers.
I think that the Page reference to P. 102 might be wrong, the table of min War Mek Pilot rankings for the different size categories is at the bottom right of P. 92.

Hope that is what you were looking fo.

In my experience, all the rules are in the A:2089 book, just not always ion the obvious place.

Proud new owner of a second A:2089 core book, thanks be to Ebay!
Oh, yes... certainly.

It was just where you said it was.

I'm moving on with reading the book now, but between work, our regular 4 rpg campaigns and some WoW on the side, it will take me a while to finish it :)