50k ton freighter?


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Does anyone know of a 50k ton freighter? A rumour in Pirates of Drinax mentions one but I can only find 39k and 75k ships so far.
Does it have to be canon?


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Use any large freighter and scale it to 50 kDton?

Here is a low-effort attempt (HG2017):
50 kDt, J-2, M-2, 33 kDt cargo, MCr 8000 one off
Crew 110 (reduced for large ship), 110 staterooms, standard common areas, escape capsules for 220.
Med bay, Workshop
Standard bridge, decent computer and sensor (DM+3).
No weapons.
33000 Dton cargo hold with cargo crane and a 10000 Dton collapsible tank for an extra jump.
5000 Dt fixed fuel tank and 5000 Dt fuel/cargo container (so can carry an extra 5000 Dt cargo if doing J-1)
Drop tank collar for an external 10000 Dton tank, but no tank included.
So, it can do anything from J-1 to J-4 (2×J-2) without using more than absolutely needed tonnage for fuel.
Potentially very profitable.
Using a 50000 Dton partially streamlined hull, it has performance of jump-2 and 2 g acceleration. There is fuel tankage of 10194 Dton, enough for 4 weeks and jump-2.
The ship has a bridge with holographic controls. Adjacent to the bridge are a CORE/50 and a CORE/40 computer. The sensor suite includes an improved sensor with a distributed array, and an improved signal processor.
There are 110 staterooms and 96,8 tons of common areas. There are 220 escape capsules, two medical bays, one ton of armoury, and a workshop.
Cargo capacity is 33007 Dton. The ship requires a crew of 110: four officers, a pilot, an astrogator, nine sensor operators, 69 engineers, and 26 service crew. The ship costs MCr 7945.
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