2300AD Book1 reference to Robot handbook?


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Hi there,

2300AD book 1 makes reference to the Robot Handbook having a 'complete design Robot and Drone Design system for Traveller' Is that a reference to the Book 9 for Mongoose Traveller 1e? It seems odd because r/Traveller seems to suggest those rules are incompatible with 2e and there's a comment from Matt that 'As things stand, Robots pretty much use the animals rules, which means refs can effectively create them on the fly - simples, which is what we like' https://www.reddit.com/r/traveller/comments/hjm8g2/mgt2_robot_creation_rules/

Did a book come out for Robots? Sorry for the idiot question, but I can see no evidence of it on the Mongoose website yet it's being mentioned in a brand new publication (2300AD) as if it exists.



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The Robot Handbook is on its way (will be around next year!), we are just getting 2300AD ready for it :)