2007 Update

Would you buy a SST update book?

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Well I was just thinking to myself how I'd buy a 2007 update (Or 2006 update for that matter!) even if it was made of S&P articles we'd get to see for free anyway, and was wondering how many people feel the same?
It could be like the last Wraith the Oblivion book, with all the story arks planned squeezed inot one book along side new rules etc, you know a fitting end to the greatness that was SST 1st edition!
It'd be nice to have all the extra units in one books (I.e snipers, K9 units, Veterans etc), maybe we could get a little taster of the Forth background, or some concept pictures of the upcoming models too?

Anyhow just a thought.
I'd buy it, but I'm a sucker for any printed material anyway :)

Just having it all in one place, in a nice-looking volume would be enough to sell me the idea.

Of course, I'd want to see it updated (if thats necessary) to work with the new rules.
I would, except, you know, we're getting an entire SST remake, so I'mm probably buy that instead. :p
Oh yeah, but there's no guarantee (AFAIK) that the new rulebook will have all the nifty optional rules out of S&P in it. I wouldn't think it'll have the terrain articles either. Thats what I'd get it for.
I think your poll may be a bit flawed. Some will read it as "would you buy it if it were EXACTLY the same as a bunch of S&P articles" and others as "would you buy it 'maybe if we could get...' "

In any case, I'd still buy it either way. I'll play SST until I'm the only one left in the US. I'm even moving into a place 2 blocks from a GW store and won't switch back.