2000AD RPGs at 75% off, worth getting?


DriveThruRPG posted that since Mongoose is not renewing the licence these RPGs are 75% off and then they would be gone.

Is this the case? No plan to produce a new version?

Assuming this is the case what do people think are the essential books to get in the Strontium Dog and/or Judge Dredd line? Slaine never appealed to me.

Is it safe to assume that these are more or less compatible with 2nd edition Traveller?

Apologies if the answers to these questions are obvious but I didn't see anything in the first page (or last three years worth ) of posts.

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75% off? I need to check if I've ever missed any books!

Um, I mean, first of all, sorry for taking so long to reply, it's been a messy week.

I'd say both titles are more or less compatible with 2nd edition, yes. We'll see when the new vehicle handbook comes out if the vehicles might need some tweaking with their hull points and stuff, otherwise it's just minor details here and there.

For Dredd, I consider the main book and judges handbook 1 & 2 essential. If you ever wish to place a game out in the cursed earth (or if you're simply curious about it) I can recommend the cursed earth book too.

Actually, the adventure books are well-written, capturing the setting good, and they are 75% off, so why not? :)

When it comes to Strontium dog I know very little of it - which is why I bought a bundle pack with the main rulebook and the first collected comics.

In my opinion the book did a great job to help me understand the setting, story and what it's all about. Like in Dredd, there's also lots of gear and stuff that can be used in other traveller settings, and Dredd and Dog can be mixed (they have met in the comics, after all).

Finally, if you are interested in either setting, or curious, I can very much recommend them both!

If you need anything else, just ask :)


Thanks. I just got them yesterday since there's only a few days left and there's a strong chance I would forget and miss the boat. It's great that my impulse was backed up. I ended up getting everything for SD and Trav Dredd for $36. They seem nicely produced and interesting. The SD one is obviously a bit thinner and black and white but at 75% off it is still a great deal.

I know Dredd and Strontium Dog pretty well. I actually remember buying the first three issues of 2000AD in the newsagent down the road. I wonder how much they would be worth now with the toys still attached (with sellotape!). My main issue with the Games Workshop game was that the Judges are so ridiculously overpowered it was a little hard to challenge them. However it seems that things have changed quite a bit since then and there are lots of things that are plenty challenging for a regular street judge. It was easy to decide the Cursed Earth was a must buy for this reason.

I had a quick skim through a couple of books last night and I'm really pleased so far. Hopefully I'll actually play these unlike so many other PDFs I buy on impulse. I find myself checking out Amazon looking at Judge Dredd collections that I might buy for background research (I've forgotten a lot).
Such a shame, since, those books are needed if you still need players with access to their own books. I may have to share mine, if I ever get around to running a game.