20 levels: a swashbuckler in the hyborian age!


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anyhoo a few details... I'll be statting a few ideas for characters this week while I have the books at a friend's house in Baton Rouge (yes I was displaced by Katrina). My group uses a 32 point build... have actually ever since my big D&D campaign ended that went from 1st-23rd level. Conan though has really captured my imagination and after a quick game before the hurricane I totally got into the game. Let's get to some background for this character followed by the 1-20 build:

:arrow: Appearance: Young Lord Angelo Monterro stands 6'1" and weighs 180 lbs. He's got blue eyes and black hair. He's clean shaven and wears his hair well groomed at shoulder length. He's suave and popular with the ladies, although for all his boasting he is not a very accomplished warrior. He wears Zingaran fashion; Doublet and Breeks made of very fine blue silk, a black cape, a white belt, and flared boots. His broad sword hangs rarely used at his side.

:arrow: Capsule: The son of a great Zingaran landowner who would not call upon his foppish lazy child when his lands were under siege from his greatest enemy; the greedy and cruel Lord Esteban. The elder Monterro fell in battle and his lands were carved up by his rivals. Under conditions of surrender, young Angelo was married off to Esteban's youngest; the Lady Carmina. Young Monterro's heart belonged to another though; a young slave girl named Zapara who he had pledged to marry in secret after hearing of his impending betrothment. Carmina discovered this affair and quickly had a bounty heaped upon Angelo Monterro; the sum of 2,000 gl... for his genitals.

build through 20th (1-4 Noble, 5-9 Pirate, 10-11 Noble, 12- 16 Pirate, 17 Noble, 18-20 Pirate)

1. Freebooter's Fortune, Title (Lord), Rank Hath its privledges, Wealth, Sneak Attack (SA) +1d6
2. Regional Feature +1
3. Expertise
4. +Cha, Refuge
5. Parry, Seamanship +1, Ferocious Attack
6. +All, Weapon Focus (Broadsword), Pirate Code, To Sail a Road to Blood and Slaughter
7. SA +2d6, Sneak Subdual
8. +Dex, Uncanny Dodge
9. Up the Rigging, Intricate Swordplay, Mobility
10. +All, Lead by Example +2
11. Enhanced Leadership
12. +Dex, Viper's Speed, SA +3d6, Seamanship +2
13. Bite Sword, Ferocious Attack (additional attack)
14. +All, Improved Uncanny Dodge, Poison Resistance +1
15. Zingaran Suprise, SA +4d6
16. +Cha, Wave Dance, Improved Mobility, Navigation
17. Regional Feature +2
18. +All, Sharp Blade, Seamanship +3
19. SA +5d6
20. +Cha, Ferocious Attack (Stun, Blood, and Slaughter)

Attributes (starting): STR 12, DEX 14, CON 12, INT 14, WIS 10, CHA 17

HP: 9

Skills (starting, those marked * have an armor penalty): Balance 5*, Bluff 7, Diplomacy 2, Escape Artist 6*, Jump 3, Knowledge (nobility) 4, Profession (sailor) 3, Ride 4, Sense Motive 5, Swim 3, Tumble 6*, Use Rope 5

Feat: Freebooter's Fortune

SQ: Rank hath its Privileges, SA +1d6, Title, Wealth, Zingaran traits

Equipment (starting): Noble Clothing, Horn, beautiful female slave, manacles and chain, Broadsword, Short Sword, Mail Coat + Scale Hauberk + Steel Cap

meant to post up the character I made last night, but I've been real busy today. I'll post him up tommorrow
his cohort! (starting at 9th level)

:arrow: Appearance: The lady Zapara is a raven haired Argossean of exceptional beauty and guile. Her eyes are of the ocean's color; a most unnatural and obviously sorcerous hue... and indeed she is feared as a practitioner of some skill by her crewmates. She dresses like a pirate queen; a worn white dress with dark grey vest and the black sash of her captain around her hourglass waist. She wears no jewelery but does keep a red rose tucked behind her left ear. In combat she weilds a hunting bow.

:arrow: Capsule: Zapara is the love of Angelo Monterro's young life; the woman he forsook his lands and his life for. She was born into Turanian slavery and when of age; sold to the Monterro family at a high price for her beauty. The eldest son of the late Lord Monterro became her only friend and then her lover. When Angelo became Lord Monterro and was forced into marriage to the cruel Lady Carmina, she tried to escape for fear that she would be executed by her new mistress. Monterro instead fled his own lands to be with Zapara and they have adventured at eachother's side ever since.

build through 17th (1-4 Noble, 5-14 Pirate, 15-17 Scholar)

1. Argossean Dreamer, Title, Rank Hath its Privileges, Wealth
2. Regional Feature +1
3. Unfurled Sails
4. +Int, Entertainer
5. Jolly Chants, Seamanship +1, Ferocious Attack
6. +All, Pirate Chants, Pirate Code, To Sail a Road to Blood and Slaughter
7. SA +1d6, Sneak Subdual
8. +Cha, Uncanny Dodge
9. Dabbler (Curses), Improved Sorcerer Sight, Mobility
10. +All, SA +2d6, Seamanship +2
11. Bite Sword, Ferocious Attack (additional attack)
12. +Dex, Brawl, Improved Uncanny Dodge, Poison Resistance +1
13. SA +3d6
14. +All, Endurance, Improved Mobility, Navigation
15. Take the Tap, Sorcerer Style (Sea Witchery), Scholar, Background (Independant), Base PP, Knowledge is Power
16. +Cha, +1 PP, Iron Will
17. Additional Spell (Grip of the Deep), Bonus Spell (Jaws of Atlantis)

Attributes (starting): STR 10, DEX 15, CON 12, INT 14, WIS 15, CHA 18

HP: 49 PP: 4

Skills (starting, those marked * have an armor penalty): Balance 9, Bluff 9, Diplomacy 10, Escape Artist 7, Gather Information 10, Handle Animal 7, Intimidate 6, Jump 7, Knowledge (arcana) 8, Knowledge (local) 7, Knowledge (nobility and royalty) 7, Perform (Sorcerous Ritual) 14, Profession (sailor) 10, Use Rope 11

Feats: Argossean Dreamer, Dabbler, Improved Sorcerer Sight, Jolly Chants, Mobility, Pirate Chants, Unfurled Sails

SQ: Argossean traits, Entertainer, Ferocious Attack, Pirate Code (Zingaran Trumpets), Rank hath its Privileges, Regional Feature +1, Seamanship +1, Sneak Attack +2d6, Sneak Attack Subdual, To Sail a Road of Blood and Slaughter, Title, Uncanny Dodge, Wealth

thanks for sharing your characters! :D
I'll continue GMing a Zingaran Civil War and some pirate adventures whenever my current work *sigh* allows, so I find swashbuckling characters quite useful. In fact, I love all of the character threads here, as there are nice ideas and there's always some use for any character when you are "populating" a world...

Also the 20 lvls build allows for easy customization -obviously having foes or even allies who are 10 lvls up from them is not good for PCs, and they wouldn't need an ally who is 1st lvl if they are 8th lvl.

Oh, just a question. How did Zapara learn sorcery? Was it via a demonic pact? Is there more to her years as a Turanian slave than meets the eye?
How did Zapara learn sorcery? Was it via a demonic pact? Is there more to her years as a Turanian slave than meets the eye?

more to her family actually; as an Argossean Dreamer she grew up hearing many tales... including those of witches summoning the oceans themselves to cull terrible might. Her kin, it was said, had blood ties with these ancient practitioners. Proof was given in the color of her eyes... but as a young woman all that brought her was a higher price on the market.

as she grew older, Zapara went in search of truth behind these myths. Her dabbling (and indeed that's all she is right now; a dabbler) brought her a smattering of gypsy magic; curses. She understands little of sorcerer ways; most of her abilities lie in elaborate rituals more useful for entertaining the crew than anything else.

NOTE: by the time Zapara fights alongside him at 9th level, Angelo will be 11th level... here are the details on the plans I have laid out with my GM:

:arrow: Appearance: Captain Black stands 6'1" and weighs 180 lbs. He keeps his face hidden behind a black mask that covers everything but his blue eyes. The captain wears a crude black doublet under a Zingaran jerkin and black patched breeks with a thick leather belt and flared sun cracked leather boots. Around his waist he wears the black sash that all his crewmates wear. It is said he traded his mortal soul to be the fiercest pirate in the Western seas... in battle he weilds a broadsword in the flashy fencing styles of the west.

:arrow: Capsule: Angelo's life on the lamb led him far away from home... every cut throat and mercenary as far north as Cimmeria was after him... his reputation made him a marked man wherever he hid. It was only after fleeing to the farthest reaches of the Western Ocean that he found refuge; he and his lady love found themselves marooned on an uncharted isle inhabited by tribes of cannibals. They were fierce warriors who had no love of outsiders encroaching on thier lands... but when Carmina's wrath caught up with the runaways Angelo drew swords together with the chieftain and in that bloody hour they became allies. Thier home became Monterro's home. Angelo returned to ports a wiser fellow and began to plot his revenge... he took up an alias; Captain Black and began to draw together a fearsome crew.