1st vs 2nd Printing (i.e., Necessity of the Atlantean Ed?)

How necessary is the Atlantean Ed (can one get by with the old version coupled with the errata)?

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Hello All,

I'm new to the Mongoose Forums.

I have the opportunity to acquire a 1st printing of the Conan Core book fairly cheaply. I understand that there are a lot of typos in it and that many of these items have been corrected in the reprint (i.e., The Atlantean Edition).

My question is, how much of an improvement is the reprint? Would it be silly of me to buy the old version? I'm told that the book I may buy has all the errata added to it. Will I have a problem using this?

My main interest in the book is the world material and less so the game mechanics, but I would like to have the option of using the mechanics....any thoughts? Should I just buck up and buy the new version (note that this will probably delay my purchase as I'll have to wait for a birthday, Christmas, or such)

Thanks very much for any help.
I'd say the Atlantean Edition is worth the money (and worth waiting for). It's not merely a reprint with typos fixed; they also laid out the whole book anew, added new artwork/illustrations, rewrote sections, and so on.

By the way, your poll question is rather ambiguous, almost two different questions in one (with opposite answers)... :?

Anyway... the downloadable FAQ/errata does not even cover 25% of the issues with the first printing... And the binding seems to be much better with AE. So I repeat, go for the 2nd printing.

- thulsa
I read that Mongoose was preparing a better errata for the 1st printing than the FAQ currently available.
But of course, if you can afford it and/or if you're a fan, just jump on it.
I have the first print and wasnt aware of a second preint run with improvements, it makes my mouth water just thinking about it, when will it be out or is it out already?
Out already. If you search the forums for Sons of Cimmeria you should be able to get the instructions necessary for sending in the corner of page 134 (I think...don't quote me on that - lol) and getting something like a 60% discount on the new version (called the Atlantean Edition).

My local shop has gotten new books in, but they've all been the original printing so that may mean that distributors are clearing out the old copies before sendingout more recently recieved Atlanean versions. I don't know for sure...
First of all, depending on your definition, you could "get by" with a friend who's seen a Conan movie and two sticks to pretend are swords. For a 6-year old, that might even be fulfilling. So could you get by with the first printing? Undoubtedly

For a clear description of the Conan d20 RPG, for rules that are more clearly written, and for a cleaner better organized layout, CtRPG:AE is required. The first printing is just too ambiguous in places, and outright wrong in others. The FAQ/Errata goes a long way to fixing these issues, but what happens when you have to look up a rule? What happens when the Errata is revised? How do you control the version the players are using? What do you say to a player who has build his character's main combat strategy on something that has been superceded in the new version/errata?

To use a metaphor many of us will understand, you could get by on a computer running Windows 95, but Windows XP is still worth getting.

Definitely get CtRPG:AE.