101 NPCs for Conan



Starved for some colorful characters for your Conan RPG? Does the random mercernary or guard captain just not seem to have any personality?

Well, I'm putting together a list of NPCs that might help flesh out your campaign a bit. I'll add new ones every week until (hopefully) I finally get to 101. Anyone who wants to contribute, please feel free!

Since Mongoose has generously provided a huge list of NPC stats, these characters do not have any numbers; just modifications to the existing NPC templates. If you don't have these templates, just go to the Mongoose downloads section.


101 NPCs for the Conan RPG

01 – Magno - 2nd level Pict Pirate (Use Hyborian but add all Pictish modifiers plus 14 Int)
Background: Exiled from his tribe for killing the chief’s youngest son in a hunting accident, Magno was captured while wandering on the coast by a Zingaran pirate/trading galley. The Zingaran captain intended to use him as a slave, but was impressed by the youth’s intelligence and willingness to learn. Magno is now a full-fledged member of the crew, possessing the skills of a sailor, the ruthless savagery of a Pict, and the keen curiosity that distinguishes him from others of his kind.

02 – Shukeli – 6th level Kushite Soldier (Use Hyborian but add all Kushite modifiers and replace Greatsword with Warspear)
Background: As a youth, Shukeli was taken by Stygian slavers and put on the blocks in Luxur. A Shemite merchant took notice of the powerful-looking savage and bought him, intending to use him as a porter. Shukeli had other plans, however, and escaped from the Shemite caravan, having first broken the neck of his new master. Fleeing across the desert, he happened upon a unit of the Free Companies marching to Koth. The skirmishers tried to capture him, but he made such a good accounting of himself in the fight that followed that the mercenary captain offered him a place in the Company. Now a grim and experienced sergeant, Shukeli has found fulfillment in his new life, though he has not forgotten the ways of his savage homeland and follows Dekerta.

03 – Soraya – 8th level Wazuli Thief (Use Hyborian but add Wazuli modifiers and replace Point Blank Shot and Combat Expertise with 2 Weapon Combat and Improved 2 Weapon Combat. Replace arming sword with 2 Ghanata knives.)
Background: Soraya is a proud and indomitable woman, as beautiful as she is deadly. At the age of fifteen, she was forced to marry a man more than three times her age. On her wedding night, the marriage was consummated forcibly by her grizzled Wazuli husband, but he failed to break her will, or her lust for vengeance. She slit his throat in his sleep with his own knife and fled west on his finest steed. Having vanished amongst one of the fleshpots of Hyboria, she discovered that the gifts of stealth given to her by her Wazuli forefathers had made her well suited for the thieving profession. An experienced and vicious woman who creeps like a cat and fights like a demon, many have underestimated her to their peril

04 – Balech the Bloodletter – 9th level Shemite Thief (Use Hyborian but add Shemite modifiers and replace Combat Expertise with Striking Cobra and Sling with Shemite Bow. – Movement reduced to 15 ft.)
Background: Balech spent the first forty years of his life slaying and thieving. A cold, merciless killer with inhumanly sharp reflexes, Balech was at the top of his game when he suffered a crippling injury while leaping out of window in the temple of Zath. He has since retired and established a tavern called the Fang in Arenjun. Though his mood has grown more jovial and he walks with a limp, he is still a very dangerous man and few cause trouble in his establishment.

05 – Capt. Temuchin – 5th level Turanian Soldier (Use Pelishtim but add Hyrkanian modifiers and replace Improved Init and Improved Overrun with Point Blank Shot and Rapid Shot – Shemite Bow is replaced by Hyrkanian Bow)
Background: Temuchin commands a troop of Pelishtim soldiers in the army of Zamboula. A grim disciplinarian, he is revolted by the lawlessness in the city and the unbridled cannibalism amongst the Darfar slaves. A good ally for law-abiding characters…a ruthless enemy to outlaws.

06 – Dionna – 7th level Bossonian Soldier (Reduce Str to 14 and increase Dex to 20)
Background: The last of five daughters born to a Bossonian archery champion, Dionna begged her father to teach her the ways of the longbow. Having no sons, the old warrior finally relented and discovered that his daughter possessed a talent with the bow that rivaled his own. She won several archery competitions and finally managed to earn herself a place as a scout in the Aquilonian army. Her uncanny marksmanship gradually allowed her to earn the respect of her peers, but a tragedy cut short her career as a soldier. A massive Pict incursion slaughtered most of her unit and before the savages were turned back, they razed her village and butchered her family. Haunted by visions of her father’s head rotting on a spear point, she went East and found a place with the free companies. Her youthful optimism drowned in a sea of blood, she is a grim and humorless sort now, laughing rarely and drinking often.

07 – Li-Rung – 4th level Khitai Noble (Use Vendyan Noble but add Khitai modifiers and replace Great Fortitude and Social Ability – Ally with Persuasive and Comliness, plus add Dabbler – Cursing)
Background: Li-Rung is the spoiled young daughter of a Khitai ambassador. Sensual, mischievous and manipulative, she often slips out of her father’s home (or seduces the guards) and finds herself carousing in some of the most unlikely places. She often gets into trouble, but has, so far, managed to charm her way out of jeopardy. A lusty lass, she shamelessly pursues any man who strikes her fancy, but is also jealous and vindictive, using her rudimentary powers to curse any man who shuns her.

08 – Khalid the Falcon – 10th level Shemite Barbarian (Use Himelian Barbarian but add Shemite modifiers and replace Parry and Quick Draw with Cleave and Leadership)
Background: Khalid is a notorious bandit leader. Unlike many Shemite warriors, he prefers to approach his targets on foot while they are encamped and steal their horses and women once he’s robbed them. A ferocious and cunning warrior, Khalid also possesses an engaging personality, jovial sense of humor and a barbarian’s code of honor. He will not abuse female captives, though many have voluntarily shared his tent. His men are a diverse and motley bunch, but they follow him loyally and do not question his orders.

09 – Ken-Amun – 9th level Chaga Soldier (Use Vendhyan Soldier but add Chaga modifiers and replace Weapon Focus – Light Lance with War Club, plus add Exotic Weapon Proficiency – Stygian Bow. Increase Str to 20 and Dex to 16)
Background: Ken-Amun is a huge, muscular chariot officer in the Stygian army. Resentful of the primitive barbarism of his Kushite homeland, he traveled to Stygia and offered his services as a warrior of Set. Though advancement has been difficult for him, his immense strength and martial talents have distinguished him in battle. He remains eager to prove himself and hopes to command his own army one day.
Hi, fantastic idea, but I question the execution. This is supposed to be a tool for making a GM's life easier, not harder, right? :wink:

Most of the NPCs have weird racial template modifiers that make it impossible to put them into play quickly. While this certainly makes them unique, you are giving them abilities no PC could have by mixing different racial templates and subtemplates. Without providing complete stat write-ups (or even noting the replacement modifiers and abilities you are creating), this effectively limits the use of your NPCs as written to zero if combat is expected, which would be the case for most of them (except the crippled thief who owns the bar). Providing stats would drastically reduce your ability to ever get to 101, though... Good start, though!
Yeah,this particular thread could prove very useful. I will add a couple of my own creations here as well.Good stuff Tars.
10) Ottokar the Gunderman-aka Eats Ravens(Lvl6 Hyborian Borderer)
Ottokar was never popular in his home village. The fact is that he was ugly,plain and simple. The village girls laughed at him and the young men made sport of his imperfections.
Thus it was that whilst his peers trained in the traditional styles of pike warfare Ottokar spent his time alone in the forested hills and valleys honing his skills as a woodsman.
By the time of the campaign to seize Conajohara from the Picts,Ottokar had already crossed the Thunder river many times to trap for pelts on the Black river.
It was on one such occasion that he fell foul of a raiding party of Raven clan picts. They fell upon him with wild whoops expecting to collect an easy head for their lodgepoles.
Years of pent up anger exploded and in a short bloody melee he dispatched them all ,finally biting out the throat of their leader after lodging his axe in anothers skull.
Athawaya,war chief of the South Hawks was mightily impressed as he watched the borderer slip into unconsciousness.
Ottokar woke to find himself being tended in the South Hawk village. The Hawks had been tracking the Raven raiders for days and they had named him "Eats Ravens" in honour of the feat they had just witnessed.
In a savage ritual Ottokar became blood brother to Athawaya and friend to the Onyaga(South Hawks).Afterwards Athawaya joked in broken Aquilonian that Ottokar's head was much to ugly to hang on a Hawk lodge pole in any case. For the first time since his childhood Ottokar laughed.
Living amongst the Onyaga he found that they respected his skill and prowess.Despite his appearance he found a little Pictish wife,no beauty to be sure,but an angel to a man who had never known the touch of a woman.
Returning to the frontier town of Velitrium he opened a trading post and tavern with the coin he made from the rich pelts he brought back from the Black river country.
Yet despite his return to civilization his sympathies would continue to lie with his adopted kin in the forests beyond the Black river.

In my own planned Westermark campaign Ottokar will appear a number of times.
First as a trapper and guide prepared to venture into Conajohara in the days prior to its conquest.
Second as an Innkeeper who offers silver for the heads of picts(but only Raven clan ones) during the days of BTBR,MOB,WBTB.
Finally as Conan strives for kingship Ottokar has become one of the breed known as Schohiran Renegades due to the murder of his little wife in the aftermath of Fort Tuscelan.
The NPC factory keeps churning 'em out. Thanks for the previous post, flashman! Very cool. 15 down, 86 to go!

Regarding Iron Chef's critique, I acknowledge the drawbacks of what I'm doing. I just don't have enough time in my life to churn out the volumes of excellent prose that you do, so I have to make do with the tools I have. I pick a template that resembles the race I've chosen and go from there. These are not designed to be major NPCs anyway, so a few inconsistencies in stats and skills will probably not be too apparent to your players.

Anyway, here's the NPCs! Once again, I encourage others to add their creations to this thread...

11 – Odin Firebeard – 5th level Vanir Pirate (Use Hyborian Pirate but add 16 Str, 16 Con and 14 Dex – Increase HP to 40)
Background: Odin is the son of a Vanir mercenary who served in the army of Turan. Though he has never seen his bleak, snow-covered homeland, he follows the gods of Nordheim and never liked the rigid, inflexible laws of Yezdigerd. He joined a pirate crew on the Vilayet, and now serves as the quartermaster of a galley called the Black Joke. A jovial carouser, he is popular with the crew and is eager to command a vessel of his own.

12 – Media – 2nd level Kothian Noble (Use Hyborian Noble but replace Great Fortitude with Stealthy and add Hide – 7 and Move Silently – 7. Also, reduce Str to 9 and increase Dex to 14)
Background: A stunning beauty of seventeen, sporting shimmering blonde hair (a rarity in Koth), Media is the daughter of a powerful baron. She was given in marriage to the baron’s senior knight in return for his decades of loyal service. Though her husband was a kind man, she couldn’t bear lying with a man old enough to be her grandfather. She stole away in the night, took a horse, rode south into Shem, and was promptly captured by slavers. A priest noticed her on the auction block and bought her, intending to sacrifice her at the next Blood Moon. Subjected to twisted cruelty and desperate to escape, she is the stereotypical damsel in distress that needs rescuing. She wants to return home, but might be inclined to travel with her rescuer, should he be a handsome fellow.

13 – Aldur – 2nd level Hyperborean Thief (Use Hyborian Thief but replace Improved Init with Brawl, increase Con and Str to 16, reduce Dex to 12 and increase Intimidate to 7)
Background: Aldur is a young thug in service to a local crime boss. Tall and imposing like many of his race, he can usually cow people into submission without a fight, but his vicious bloodlust often leads him to abuse those who appear weaker than him. His duties usually involve the collection of protection money. He’s gruff, arrogant, generally surly and has been lucky enough to avoid a fight with a formidable warrior, though this might change when he crosses the PCs.

14 – Deirdre the Raven – 4th level Cimmerian Soldier (Use Gunderman Soldier but increase Str to 16, Dex to 14, Int to 12 and add Climb 6 and Negotiate 5)
Background: A strong young lass who lived near the Aquilonian border, Deirdre possessed an insatiable curiosity regarding the Gunderman stockade which lay on a nearby hilltop. She crept up to the fort and was discovered by a Gunderman sergeant named Athgar. Instead of attacking him, she implored him for more information about the shining kingdoms to the south. Impressed and intrigued, he allowed her to visit on regular occasions and the two spent long nights talking, and, in time, loving. Deirdre’s family discovered her indiscretions and the clan attacked the Gunderman outpost. Athgar and his men fought well, though, and the Cimmerians were repulsed. Incensed at her people, Deidre turned her back on them and married Athgar. The two later left the army and became traveling arms merchants. Still young, Deidre has benefited from her husband’s training and is becoming a talented warrior. Her black eyes and tresses have earned her the nickname of “Raven”.

15 – Athgar – 7th level Gunderman Soldier (Increase Int to 12 and add Negotiate 8)
Background: For the first ten years of his life after reaching manhood, Athgar was content to serve in the armies of Aquilonia as a simple Pikeman. All of this changed when an inquisitive young Cimmerian named Deirdre came to his camp. Strong, exotic, wild and beautiful, she captured the Gunderman’s heart from the moment he laid eyes on her. After driving off her clan in a fierce battle, Athgar resolved never to spill the blood of Deidre’s family again. He married his Cimmerian lass and became a wandering arms merchant. Nine years older than Deirdre, he is far more formidable than she, but he recognizes a warrior’s talent in her wiry limbs and has trained her in the arts of war. Sociable and fun-loving, he has an engaging personality and his burning love for Deidre is apparent to all who meet him.
Keep up the good work. Enjoying them very much. Lankhmar: City of Adventure (TSR, 1985) and Thieves' World (Chaosium, 1981) both offered up similar rogues' galleries. These are helpful, even without stats.
Still churning 'em out. Almost a quarter of the way there!

16 – Asoka – 6th level Vendhyan Borderer (Use Hyborian but replace Exotic WP with Weapon Focus – Tulwar. Also, uses Hyrkanian Bow and Light Lance)
Background: Asoka was a scout and tracker in service to a Venhyan merchant house. Unfortunately, he unwittingly led an entire caravan into an ambush in Ghulistan. Most of the caravan were slaughtered, but Asoka’s fighting skills and horsemanship helped him to save Geeta, his employer’s youngest daughter who was being transported to a strategic marriage in Turan. He returned the noble beauty to her father after a three week journey, having fallen in love with her along the way. Asoka’s lord was grateful for the safe return of his daughter, but could not forgive Asoka’s incompetence. Having endured fifty lashes upon his bare back, Asoka was banished from Vendhya. Asoka now works as a scout in Shahpur. Geeta is in the harem of a Turanian noble, and Asoka, a hopeless romantic, is struggling with an ill-advised urge to carry her off.

17 - Maishach of the House of Bailaam – 9th level Aphaki Shemite Noble
Background: Maishach runs the Zamboula guildhouse of the Bailaam family – a powerful merchant house. A nephew of the current guild patriarch, he once plotted to seize control of the guild but was foiled by a spy in his harem. Though his uncle did not want the bad publicity of killing his own nephew, he did exile him to far off Zamboula with strict orders to keep the caravans running smoothly. Maishach hates this city of stinging sand and half-breed mongrels and his plotting continues unabated. He is secreting away guild funds to hire a mercenary army and also paying local bandits to prey on rival trade houses. A ruthless man with a violent temper, he would make a good recurring villain.

18- Sha’Kosi – 6th level Black Kingdom Thief (Use Hyborian Thief but increase Str to 18 and add Profession (sailor) 7 plus increase Dodge to 18. Uses Warspear instead of Arming Sword and wears no armor.)
Background: Sha’Kosi was a young pirate who made a truly awful decision…he stole his fellow pirates’ swag…more than once. Finally, his shipmates caught him red-handed, bound him with stout cord and cast him below decks while they debated on the most horrific way to kill him. But the powerful tribesman managed to break his bonds with a Herculean effort, rushed out of the hold and dove into the sea before his startled shipmates could stop him. Fortunately for him, the ship was just off the coast of Shem and he managed to swim ashore. Sha’Kosi has since wandered from town to town, making a passable living off of stolen goods, trying to come to terms with his new life amidst civilized peoples. In spite of his impressive strength and fighting skills, he is cautious and cagy, staying in the shadows as much as possible.

19 – Mabaku – 3rd level Darfari Thief (Use Hyborian Thief but increase Str to 16 and uses Warclub at a +1 modifier. Wears no armor, so increase Hide and Move Silent to 8.)
Background: Mabuku is a twisted individual, even by Darfari standards. A stealthy and skilled manhunter, he has sapped and devoured at least two dozen victims in Zamboula. His success has earned him a high position among the followers of Yog, and he now leads a hunting pack of a score of bloodthirsty cannibals. Even more disturbing is the fact that some local crime bosses have started contracting his band for high-profile hits. Mabuku takes pleasure in the terror he creates, and sometimes keeps his victims alive for a few hours (especially women) before he eats them. This is the kind of low-level villain that PCs love to kill. Enjoy him while he lasts!

20 – Roxanna – 5th level Zamorian Noble (Use Hyborian Noble but increase Dex to 18, Melee Weapon to +8, use Weapon Focus Poinard instead of Broadsword, Combat Expertise instead of Great Fortitude and Steely Gaze rather than Mounted Combat. Also, wears no Armor and has Gather Info at 10)
Background: Roxanna is the bored wife of a Zamorian merchant in Arenjun (or Shadizar, if you prefer). Lusty, graceful and utterly gorgeous, she often roams the streets, playing the role of a high-priced whore. After being harshly abused by a client, she resolved to become trained in the arts of combat. Hiring the best knife fighter in Arenjun, she displayed a remarkable talent for the art and now commands a decent amount of respect, even in the Maul. Her various clients include some of the most feared cutthroats in Arenjun (she has a weakness for bad men) and she can be an excellent source of information, provided you please her enough to gain her favor. Harming or threatening her is a bad idea. Not only is she a respectable fighter, she also has allies amongst the Arenjun underworld.

21 - Bjorn the Goldsmith – 5th level Aesir Barbarian (Use Nordheimer Barbarian but add 16 Int and add Craft (Metalsmith) 14. Replace Improved Init with Skill Focus Craft)
Background: Bjorn was trained in his craft at a young age in Asgard but his father decided to ply his trade further south. Opening a shop in a sprawling city, the Aesir family had a difficult time adjusting to civilized life, but their skill earned them a respectable living. Unfortunately, while Bjorn was out carousing with his two younger brothers, thieves ransacked his shop and killed his parents. Bjorn and his brothers, knowing no other form of justice than a blood feud, tracked down the thieves and butchered them. Bjorn is a more serious and somber man now, concentrating on his craft and seldom leaving his shop. He produces some of the finest gold jewelry in town.

22 – Ranoldo – 5th level Zingaran Borderer (Use Tauran Borderer but reduce Con to 11 and increase Cha to 14. Reduced Con lowers HP to 30)
Background: Ranoldo serves as a guide for Zingaran expeditions into the Pictish wilderness. Few Zingarans are bold enough to travel beyond the savage coast of the Picts, but Ranoldo possesses a keen knowledge of the bloodthirsty locals and their territory. He respects the savages, perhaps sympathizing a bit with them as they struggle to resist the incursions of civilized folk. If you’re planning on plunging into the Pictish wilderness, at least from the coastal side, Ranoldo is a good man to have leading the way.

23 – Ranshepsut – 5th level Stygian Thief (Use Zamorian Thief but uses Stygian Bow instead of Sling and Stiletto instead of Arming Sword. Increase Cha to 16, Int to 13 and replace Point Blank Shot with Dabbler-Hypnotism)
Background: Posing as a courtesan, Ranshepsut is a spy in service to the Stygian priesthood. Lovely and curvaceous, she learns many secrets from her lovers in the aristocracy and uses her rudimentary hypnotic powers to further loosen their tongues. Occasionally, her Stygian masters call upon her to assassinate certain troublemakers, and she has a small supply of purple lotus to aid her in these tasks. She thrives on the manipulation and deception that defines her life and indulges herself all the erotic pleasures that her position offers.
Here comes some more NPCs!

This time, I've borrowed a few characters from my favorite non-Howard writers - Robert Jordan and Andrew Ofutt. Karela and Isparana differ a bit from the way they're portrayed in the book, but they've made wonderful additons to my campaign.

Hope you like 'em!

24 – Karela the Red Hawk – 6th level Nordheimer Barbarian (New Stats: Str: 14 Dex: 20 Con: 16 Int: 13 Wis: 8 Cha: 16 Parry: 14 Dodge: 20 Replace Improved Init with Two Weapon Combat and Parry with Improved Two Weapon Combat, plus replace Quick Draw with Dodge. Meele Weapon drops to +8/+3 and Ranged increases to +11/+6. Uses Scimitar and Short Sword)
Background: Karela is the firebrand teenage daughter of a Vanir mercenary captain. Trained in the unconventional combat style of a barbarian, Karela has never seen her snow-covered homeland and has no desire to. Though she lives in Zamora, she regards herself as a woman without a country and possesses an unbridled wanderlust, matched only by her sensuality and her greed. She has gotten herself into trouble on innumerable occasions, much to her father’s chagrin, but her ferocious skill with blades has kept her alive and relatively unsullied thus far. She harbors a youthful infatuation with Khalid the Falcon, desiring to run away with him and harboring a secret ambition to take over his band. Note: This is my version of Karela, before she becomes a bandit leader.

25 – Isparana – 8th level Shemite Thief (Use Zamorian Thief except increase Cha to 18, replace Improved Init and Mobility with Precise Shot and Rapid Shot plus add Far Shot. Uses thrown Daggers and Poinards.)
Background: The only child of Balech the Bloodletter and a Zamboulan dancer, Isparanna has taken to her father’s profession with a skill and zeal that even surprises him. An expert with thrown daggers and deadly from the shadows, the young thief caught the eye of Akter Khan and presently serves as his agent. Her voluptuous curves and dark, seductive eyes are perhaps the most dangerous weapons in her arsenal, and she seldom shrinks from using them to get what she wants. Passionate and bad-tempered, she can sometimes get into trouble, and her taste for younger men (especially dangerous ones) hasn’t helped matters. But she serves her Khan well, and he has showered her with ample reward, thus far.

26 – Zaros – 5th level Argossean Pirate (Replace Improved Init with Dodge – Dodge increases to 19. Increase Strength to 18 and Melee to +7)
Background: Zaros is the nineteen-year old son of an Argossean nobleman who despised his title and the expectations that went with it and ran away to sea at the age of 12. The merchant galley he was serving on was boarded by Zingaran pirates. Only a youth, Zaros nonetheless managed to hamstring one of the pirates and put up a terrific struggle before he was finally overpowered. The Zingaran captain was suitably impressed and managed to convince the lad to join his crew. Seven years later, Zaros is now the sailing master of the Blue Serpent. A tall, extremely muscular man with a handsome visage, he is the epitome of a dashing pirate. Having escaped the gilded cage of his childhood, Zaros is a happy and fun-loving sort with at least three girls in every port.

27 - Dirk Sparrow – 1st level Gunderman Borderer (Use Hyborian Borderer but increase Dex to 18, Wis to 16 and reduce Int to 10. Survival increases to +7 Ranged goes up to +6 and Dodge increases to 14)
Background: Dirk is an enthusiastic 15-year old boy with a love of the wilderness and an unhealthy lust for adventure. Extremely skilled for his age, he has been known to venture across the border on hunting forays into Cimmeria. He’s been lucky so far, but his parents are threatening to chain him to the horse pens if he doesn’t stop taking idiotic risks. Enthusiastic and fearless, Dirk could find himself tagging along with a group of PCs, eager to share their adventures. When one considers his tracking skills and general pig-headedness, he might be a difficult tail to shake.

28 – Captain Anwar – 8th level Pelishtim Soldier (Crom! No modifications!)
Background: Anwar is the second-in-command of the Thorns – an elite guard in service to Akter Khan of Zamboula. He has an intense personal rivalry with Captain Hamer, Captain of the Thorns. Anwar feels that he is a superior fighter and leader of men than his commander, but since Hamer is Turanian and he is Pelishtim, the Khan has passed him over. Anwar is a grim, brooding fellow who takes his responsibilities very seriously and is a ruthless adversary when provoked. His resentment of Hamer and his Khan is growing, however, and he might be inclined to plot against them both should a plan present itself.
Knights of the Dinner table started doing "generic" NPCs too. What this really meant is that the NPCs had no stats - making them useless. Its a good idea but without stats, even the more creative NPC has trouble interacting with the other characters. What IS is cook check? Can he SPOT the players looting the tips jar?
It takes me about 10-20 minutes to generated an NPC. Remember that it has to be 3.5 standard (Base Atk, Grp, Melee Atk, Ranged Atk - note the spelling and caps), calculated the skills correctly or SOMEONE somewhere will complain and include the math for the skills to PROVE you did it right, get the correct number of feats and check the prereques - remember you can't use feats from SPLAT books, only core SRD + Mongoose specific because you are currently working for them.
Unless you've got it memorized you'll have to look up the weapon damage and crit range (did he take a feat to change that?). Generally I roll up stats and then check the Armor Class, Initiative, Hit Points (average hit points - remember they are 3.5 on a D6, 4.5 on d8, 5.5 on d10 rounded down), saving throws, attack bonuses and etc.
I have a post-it in the DMG under starting gold for NPCs. Look up item costs in the PHB, magic item costs in the DMG, and fudge anything not in the books.
Spells are a right royal pain because you've got to get the number/day, cross reference the spellcasting stat and bonus spells per day and then select a reasonable spell selection from the PHB + Mongoose Only (no splat books again or other suppliments - slaps hand and yells copyright!) so that players don't wonder why this NPC has such a pathetic set of spells for combat or non-combat or whatever. Sorcerers are easier but worse because if you wreck their spell selection you might as well drop their CR by 10. It's always a good idea to include some notes on what you were thinking about choosing the spell selection (how the DM is supposed to use the spells most effectively) instead of leaving her that riddle to figure out.
Now double check that you included the +4 bonus on the guys sword in the melee attack that uses that sword but not the base attack bonus, grapple or ranged and then wait for someone to ask WHY the melee is so much higher then anything else. Defending weapons are right out, as are any variable-bonus items. NPCs just don't use those!
And now! Mongoose has added a new stat modifier to characters in Conan that has to be filed away somewhere in the brain. (Dumping old knowledge to make space- who needs to know how to drive anyway?)
I get paid by the word when I write. Flavor text is so much faster but the point is to do the work for the DM. That's why she's buying the product in the first place! Once you become comfortable reading NPC stat blocks (write a dozen - that'll do it), they are terribly useful in the game.

Yeah I know, like anyone followed that rant beyond the first paragraph.
Here's some more...we're about a third of the way. If anyone wants to help out, please post your stuff here!

29 – Haolam the Manhunter – 9th level Meadow Shemite Borderer (Use Hyborian Borderer except increase Dex to 20 and Ranged Weapon to 14/9. Also, replace Exotic WP with Improved Critical. He uses a Hyrkanian instead of a Bossonian bow. Dodge increases to 21.)
Background: Haolam spent his youth and early adulthood learning the art of the hunt. He’s tracked and brought down game and beasts of all description, but he became bored with animals after a time and took to hunting human beings. A well-known bounty hunter, Haolam is a very skilled tracker and superlative archer. A grim man with a stony countenance, his only pleasure lies in the thrill of the hunt. He tends to shun close combat, preferring to feather his quarry with arrows while fighting in the open. If the PCs have irritated a powerful noble or priest, they may find Haolam stalking their trail.

30 – Tiberia Shadow-Shrieker – 6th level Hyborian Barbarian (Replace Improved Init with Stealthy and increase Move Silent and Hide to 12. Uses War Club.)
Background: Tiberia was a strong young woman living in the Westermarck when the Picts came. They massacred her village, butchered her family, and took her into captivity. Tiberia made a horrible slave, however. She was rebellious, defiant, and no number of beatings could break her spirit. Finally, after the tether had been around her neck for two years, she managed to wriggle free of her bonds and fled into the night, having first crushed the skull of her owner with his own war club. Having been trained with marital weapons as a girl (her father was a practical sort) and possessing an uncanny ability to stalk through the shadows, she evaded the hunting parties sent to recapture her, killing a half dozen Picts in the process. Four years later, Tiberia hardly resembles the woman she once was. Clad in scant leathers and often covered with war paint, she is a wild hellion whose disturbing war-cries can be heard for miles around. The Picts now fear this animal-woman and have dubbed her the Shadow Shrieker. The dark-skinned savages are wise to dread her…she lives to kill Picts.

31 – Kalunde – 9th level Ghanata Nomad (Increase Cha to 16 and Increase Bluff to 11. Also, add Negotiate 15)
Background: Kalunde was the third eldest son of a Ghanata chief. Seeing few avenues for advancement in his tribe, he traveled south and came upon the fabled city of Xuthal. Surviving the horrors within, he found a stock of the Golden Wine of Xuthal. The cagey Ghanata immediately saw the enormous value in his find and took it north to Stygia. The profit he made off of that one haul immediately transformed him into a wealthy merchant. Eight years older, Kalunde has not lost his lust for adventure and makes annual treks to Xuthal, now traveling in the company of some of his childhood friends and a troop of trusted mercenaries. They have raided the city a half dozen times (avoiding the wrath of the demon that stalks the halls) and now sell their wares further afield, traveling as far as Zamboula. Kalunde is a cheerful fellow with a love of the finer things that his new-found wealth has given him. But he also drives a shrewd bargain.

32 – Shazal the Bloodhunter – 8th level Himelian Barbarian (Replace Quick Draw with Leadership)
Background: Shazal is the chieftain of the Khafirs – a particularly savage tribe who haunt the mountain passes of Afghulistan. He is especially feared due to his fanatical patronage of Hanuman. He rewards his bloodthirsty tribesmen, not for taking booty, but for taking captives. Anyone unfortunate enough to fall into their hands will be given to the priests of Hanuman. Lovely female captives are especially prized. Twisted, insane and particularly debased, Shazal makes a good, frightening villain.
More NPCs comin' at ya! Lots of thieves and pirates in this batch.

33 – Loki Fairhair – 8th level Aesir Pirate (Use Hyborian Pirate but increase Con to 18, decrease Dex to 15 and increase HP to 63)
Background: Loki is a retired Pirate who runs an Inn called the Drunken Dolphin. His once-blonde hair is now streaked with silver and his brawny limbs bear the scars of many adventures. He was once the sailing master aboard the Black Joke until her captain was replaced by the grim, foul-tempered Furio the Red. Using what remained of his considerable swag, Loki bought his tavern and married a young Turanian cutpurse named Loqina. Loki is a good-natured sort, quick with a laugh and slow to anger…though he’s a cagey and dangerous fighter when necessary. He’s happy in his new life, but his heart belongs to the sea and he yearns for one last adventure.

34 – Loqina – 6th level Turanian Thief (Use Hyborian Thief but increase Dex to 18, decrease Str to 12 and add Rapid Shot. Uses War Sword (2-h finesse) and Hyrkanian Bow. Meele: 8 Ranged: 9
Background: Loqina was a skilled and lovely cutpurse in Aghrapur who tried to rob the wrong nobleman. Arrested and placed on the slave blocks, she was purchased by a Turanian merchant captain who was looking for a mistress. Chained to the captain’s bed in his cabin for two months, she endured all manner of shameful debaucheries until a pirate vessel called the Black Joke boarded the merchant. Intending to make his last stand in his cabin, the captain made the mistake of turning his back on Loqina. The chains had enough slack to let the vengeful thief slip her master’s dagger out of his boot and she slew him before he could cross swords with a single pirate. Realizing that she would probably end up in a buccaneer’s bed next, she turned the blade on herself. Fortunately, Loki Fairhair came upon the gory scene and managed to staunch Loqina’s bleeding. Nursing her back to health, the old Aesir became fond of her and kept any of his leering shipmates from harassing her. Loqina’s gratitude soon turned to love and she married Loki when he left the Black Joke. She now helps Loki with his tavern, deliriously happy and hopelessly in love. Her harsh background has given her a dark edge, however, and she is prepared to die before letting any man take her into captivity again.

35 – Suetonas – 6th level Brythunian Pirate (Use Hyborian Pirate but increase Dex to 20 . Ignore feats and use Point Blank Shot, Rapid Shot, Sneak Subdual, Improved Init and Dodge. Dodge: 20 Ranged: 9 Uses Sling instead of Crossbow)
Background: Suetonas is a rat-faced Brythunian who grew up a shepherd’s son. His career herding sheep was cut short when an errant sling stone killed the son of a local Baron. Fleeing east, he was pressed into service by the Turanian navy and was subsequently captured by pirates. Possessing the uncanny ability to hurl two sling stones with a single cast, he so impressed the pirate captain that he added him to the crew roster. A cold and merciless individual, Suetonas is a man of few words. He prefers to skirt the flanks of opponents, bringing his sling to bear with deadly accuracy.

36 – Furio the Red – 9th level Argossean Pirate (No modifications!)
Background: Furio was once the quartermaster of a pirate chieftain named Chagatai the Braided. Chagatai, a handsome Turanian of unusual height and stature led a flotilla of pirate corsairs on the Vilayet and terrorized the shipping lanes for eight bloody years. Furio, a man as vicious as he was flamboyant, chafed under Chagatai’s leadership and yearned to command his fleet. Unable to defeat his master in a duel, Furio poisoned him instead. Furio’s ambitions were cut short, however, by Chagatai’s mistress, the beautiful and deadly Lucretia. The lovely Zingaran challenged his leadership and defeated him in a duel, cutting a neat gash across his throat. Furio was initially thought to be dead, but a Brtythunian shipmate named Suetonas took him below and staunched his bleeding. The crew rejected Lucretia because she was a woman and she left in disgust. The flotilla has disbanded, though Furio has seized command of the flagship, harboring a deep hatred for Lucretia. He wears a red scarf to conceal his scar.

37 – Sut-mekh – 10th level Stygian Thief (Use Zamorian Thief except add Knowledge Arcana – 14, Dabbler - Curses and replace Imp. Disarm with Rapid Shot. Increase Cha to 18 and add Magic Attack Roll of +6. Uses Stygian Bow.)
Background: Sut-mekh is the chief enforcer for a criminal chieftain. He is also a hired assassin when not performing duties for his master. A tall Stygian with angular features and eyes that can bore through steel, few men can meet his gaze without squirming. He is strangely soft-spoken and charming, giving him a reputation as a gentleman assassin. But beneath the cultured surface lies a black heart that takes great pleasure in killing. His Stygian connections give him access to a variety of nasty poisons, and his rudimentary spellcraft makes him that much more deadly. He avoids direct confrontation, preferring to slay with his powerful bow from the shadows. Even experienced warriors are loathe to have this man stalking their trail.

38 – Ranyo – 10th level Zamorian Soldier (Use Pelishtim Soldier except replace Point Blank Shot with Leadership. Also, increase Int to 16 and add Gather Information – 12)
Background: Ranyo is the captain of the guard in Arenjun (or Shadizar, if you prefer). He is an excellent warrior and effective leader. He is also notoriously corrupt. Most of the famous thieves in the Maul pay tribute to him, and he collects protection money from most of the prominent merchants as well. He has established a profitable business in stolen goods as well, “finding” stolen items and returning them to their owners, for a price. He enjoys the finer things in life, possessing a fine house, a superlative wine collection and a harem of gorgeous slave girls. All this opulence has made him a pleasant sort to deal with, so long as you respect his position and grease his palm. Those who cross him will find life difficult in Zamora, for they will find enemies amongst the thieves as well as the guards.

39 – Lareesa – 2nd level Khorajan Noble (Use Hyborian but replace Great Fortitude with Persuasive)
Background: Lareesa is the youngest of five daughters born to an impoverished Khorajan noble. Having squandered his fortune on gambling and ill-fated business ventures, her father decided to avoid dowry payments on his three youngest daughters and sold them all into slavery. A raven-haired beauty of sixteen, Lareesa quickly found herself in the harem of a rich Shemite merchant. Her master is a harsh disciplinarian, and she is not as enthusiastic of a lover as he might like, so she has suffered terribly under his cruel dominion. She is as persuasive as she is beautiful, however, and might be able to entice a daring man to rescue her. Another damsel in distress, I know, but Conan stories are full of ladies like this.
First off I must say this is a good thread that at the least gives other GM's ideas on making variations on the theme of NPC's.

My only complaint would be that none of these NPC's of yours are Multiclassed.
At low levels this is quite appropriate but after gaining a bit of experience in the world at least a few should have tried a different profession in life.
This is a minor complaint mind you and I realize that makeing Multiclass NPC takes much more time than single class NPC's so I understand this may be impossible for you to do. :)
Yeah, I've wanted to do a couple of multi-class as well, but if I'm going to get to 101, adding complexity to this task is something I'm really trying to avoid.

If anyone has any ideas on how to easily customize the Mongoose templates to multi-class characters, I'd love to hear suggestions! :)

More NPCs on the way...
From my campaign:

40. Cillian the Borderer (Borderer-2): male, 18, 6' tall. Cillian is a Brythunian woodsman, with the fair complexion, blue eyes and ruddy cheeks typical of that race. Over the past two years his shoulders have broadened and he's gained in confidence as youth has given way to early manhood, but he's still often somewhat shy and uncertain, though doggedly loyal. He has brown shoulder-length hair which he usually. keeps tied back by a copper ring. Determined to grow a beard, it remains stubbornly wispy.

41. Isobel of Messantia (Noble-1): female, 32, 5'6" tall. The Argossean noble Isobel is the husband of Lord Malthus, who was kidnapped recently by Barachan pirates of the Red Brotherhood - Isobel is collecting the ransom money to take to Port Tortage, and will need trustworthy guards. Somewhat taller than average, Isobel has a tanned complexion, dark brown eyes that show her considerable strength of will, and lustrous chestnut-brown hair that falls loose to her shoulders. She is attractive with a curvaceous figure, with flaring hips, narrow waist and a full bosom. Despite her privileged background she is clearly more than a pampered aristocrat, and Isobel displays an authoritative air even in the most trying of circumstances.

42. Shipmaster Crewdas (Commoner-3): male, 46, 5'5". A veteran sailor of Argos, Crewdas is short, of medium build, brown-eyed, balding but otherwise nondescript. He has a jovial air combined with a steely glint to his eye that hints at more than a normal strength of character.

43. Ana of Argos (Commoner-1): female, 18, 5'4". An upper-class Argossean girl, Ana is very pretty with shoulder-length blonde hair, large brown eyes, a snub nose, fair-complexioned and slim but with an impressively gravity-defying bosom. Recently a prisoner of the pirates; clearly traumatised by her captivity, she seems fearful and not very bright.

44. Octavia of Argos (Commoner-1): female, 42, 5'3". Octavia, Ana's aunt, is a short and somewhat stocky Argossean matron, olive complexioned with brown eyes and dark brown hair curled in a tight bun. She has a determined and somewhat bossy demeanour, with a maternal attitude to the younger woman.

45. Shaness (Commoner-1): female, 23, 5'5". A slim young woman from the Meadow Cities of Shem, Shaness has ivory-toned skin, dark eyes and very short black hair. Of average looks, she has a very quiet and thoughtful demeanour, perhaps a scholar or scribe, and rarely speaks.

46. Maria of Kordava (Commoner-1): female, 27, 5'7". A buxom, raven-haired courtesan (in the true sense) of the Zingaran aristocracy, Maria always has a saucy glint in her eye and appears to take almost all events with equal equanimity. Of all the pirate rescuees she is probably the least perturbed by her captivity. Maria clearly is someone who always keeps her eye out for any available opportunity...

47. Alonzo delAlprosio of Zingara (Noble-1): male, 30, 5'6". Black-haired, thin, with a foppish, arrogant look and petulant, whiney tone, Lord Alonzo the Zingaran is an unlikable, spoiled dandy with an exaggerated sense of his own importance.

The Pirates

48. The Hyperborean (Pirate 3/Scholar 1), male, 6'1" - Chief Balmec's lieutenant, this man was seen in the attack on the 'Dolphin' running Captain Gant through with obvious relish. Well-dressed in looted finery, he is tall, silver-blond, with snow-white skin and piercingly cold, ice-blue eyes that seem to exert an almost unnatural hold on the onlooker.


49. Theo (Soldier-1), male, 17, 6' tall - cousin of Rand Selcar and nephew to Gif & Amie, who run the Drunken Pelican in Kalindon. Theo is strongly built, with short blond hair and blue eyes, quite handsome with a fair complexion somewhat ruddy from life on Beacon Point's windy coasts. Though almost a man in years, Theo seems younger, with an open, honest demeanour. and though clearly perceptive he tends to be nervous, especially around his older and more confident cousin Rand, and sometimes stutters badly. Theo is obviously smitten with the Hyrkanian Kerukai.

50. Antonus (Scholar-8), male, ? - the aged, crouched (about 5' tall) light-house keeper of Beacon Point off the Argossean coast, by all accounts Antonus is a powerful wizard and sworn enemy of the pirates. Antonus claims to have been appointed to his role many, many years ago by the then King of Argos, to whom he seems utterly loyal as well as obsessed by his charge, the marvellous light-house itself.

51. Constable Dorn (Soldier-6), male, 5'7" - the stout, paunchy Constable of Kalindon, Beacon Point's only significant settlement. Dorn wears a chain shirt of good quality, and carries a serviceable short-bladed sword. Clearly an experienced soldier, Dorn has a swarthy complexion indicating some Zingaran heritage. Midle-aged now, his best years are obviously behind him but he could yet prove a dangerous adversary, especially when accompanied by his six 'deputies'.

52. Jeros of Koth (Soldier-4): male, 5'9", ca 40+, stocky and swarthy with an ugly, scarred face but a rather engaging grin. A veteran warrior and guardsman to the Aquilonian merchant-slaver Hamadras, Jeros is an experienced mercenary and skilled brigand-slayer, irrepressibly cheerful and with an impressive collection of battle scars that he likes showing to impressionable young ladies. Like most other mercenaries, Jeros affects the hard-bitten air of the stone killer, but beneath that he quietly maintains a code of honour (although he would no doubt deny it vociferously if asked!), a trait he can recognise in others, and he will not forget a good turn done him in the past. Jeros is very partial to Korajan whiskey, a fiery grain spirit, and loves to boast of the beauty of his homeland Koth, the spring winds in the waving trees, the autumn sun gleaming on the golden plains...

53. 'Black Allie' Kamarzento (Pirate-6): female, 5'8", 28. 'Black Allie' is a gorgeous, raven-haired pirate of the Baracha Isles' Red Brotherhood and sometime First Mate to the red-beared Pirate Captain, Rory Barbarossa. When travelling incognito in Argos, Zingara or western Shem she favours the expensive dress and braided finery of a noble lady or high-class courtesan, but in battle she wears little but black britches, soft high boots, and a scabbard for her cutlass. Allie is every pirate's lustful dream, with a stunning figure, lightly tanned complexion, dark, sultry eyes and soft, full lips, but to many unfortunate sailors of the western seas she can be their worst nightmare. Utterly ruthless, even by the standards of the Red Brotherhood, she can kill a man - or woman - as easily as breathing. She is not someone it would be wise to offend...
Unless you're someone who enjoys taking 30 minutes to stat the 3rd guard from the left, I recommend the following system, from a post by Henry on ENWorld. I find it particularly suitable for Conan RPG.

Henry's NPC Creation Rules

I have a system I use that works well for me, regardless of play level. It was written for classed creatures and NPC's, but works also for "unleveled" critters - at least for me.


This method will not work well for Major NPC’s, and Major Villains. If you want to give certain villains their utmost prowess, you may need to stat them fully. However, this will work for 80% of the “shock troops”, shop keepers, bellhops, stable boys, scullery maids, and senators and mayors your PC’s will ever meet.

1. Start with Name, Alignment, Class, Level, and details. Write these down. That’s it. No need to be specific if this is an NPC they won’t be fighting.
2. If you need a specific skill (this is a skill that is actually coming into play; NPC is bargaining with PC’s, NPC is repairing armor, etc), then figure if the NPC is just decent, or GOOD at that skill. If decent, assign 1 skill rank per level. If GOOD, assign skill ranks = level +3.
3. Don’t worry about attributes unless needed. If needed, figure which how many scores the NPC is GOOD at, and assign scores of +2 (ie 14-15)to those. Everything else, assume average.

'Typical' 16 point buy NPC : 1 GOOD, 5 average.
'Competent' 20 point buy NPC: 2 GOOD, 4 average
'Elite' 24 point buy NPC: 3 GOOD, 3 average

4. Don’t worry about FEATS until needed. Feats hide a multitude of sins.
5. If combat is needed, hit points are slightly above average (Level multiplied by half of hit die number; round up).

For Conan NPCs of levels 1-9

Hit Die CON bonus HP/level
d6 0 4
d6 +2 6
d8 0 5
d8 +2 7
d10 0 6
d10 +2 8

BAB is = level, 3/4ths level, or ½ level, based on class. Armor class is = armor.

6. If NPC is a monster, and you EXPECT to get into combat with them, write down AC, touch AC, speed, Melee and Ranged attack, damage, and hit points. That’s it. Figure out feats and skills JUST like you do for other NPC’s.

You will wind up with characters that are only 80% accurate. Will this matter? NO. But you will wind up with generic monsters and NPC’s that took you all of 30 seconds to stat, that are playable, and for whom your players won’t be able to tell the difference.

Quick NPC Form for Conan RPG

Class: Level: BAB:
Decent skills (rank=level):
Good skills (lvl+3):
Good attributes (+2):
Major Feats:
Hit Points (levelx1/2hd+CON):
If NPC is for combat:
Parry: Dodge: DR:
Melee and Ranged attack:
Special Equipment:

Typical 'Good' (+2) stats:

Class / Good Stats
Barbarian STR CON DEX
Borderer DEX CON STR
Charke said:
It takes me about 10-20 minutes to generated an NPC. Remember that it has to be 3.5 standard (Base Atk, Grp, Melee Atk, Ranged Atk - note the spelling and caps), calculated the skills correctly or SOMEONE somewhere will complain and include the math for the skills to PROVE you did it right, get the correct number of feats and check the prereques - remember you can't use feats from SPLAT books, only core SRD + Mongoose specific because you are currently working for them...
...Yeah I know, like anyone followed that rant beyond the first paragraph.

Charke, you seem to be talking about statting up NPCs for publication. Statting them for play in-game is a different kettle of fish, and IMO short-cuts to the derived stats are perfectly acceptable and indeed necessary. 3e character generation is great for detailed PCs and arch-villains but really sucks for doing up minor NPCs. I've found Henry's approach above very useful, I strongly recommend it.

Thanks SO much for contributing additional characters to this thread. Very interesting folks who will probably appear in my campaign at some point.

The NPC generation method looks very workable, and will certainly shave a lot of time off of my campaign preparation time.

Thanks again!

Tars Tarkas
Tars Tarkas said:

Thanks SO much for contributing additional characters to this thread. Very interesting folks who will probably appear in my campaign at some point.

The NPC generation method looks very workable, and will certainly shave a lot of time off of my campaign preparation time.

Thanks again!

Tars Tarkas

Thanks Tars - glad you liked the NPCs & quick-NPC system! :)
A good way to do it if you don't have all the details written out when combat etc starts is to keep the character-class section of the RPG book handy in front of you, then eg for a Pirate go to the pirate stats table & simply add +2 to a stat (BAB, Saves, Parry & Dodge) if it falls under a 'good' attribute - for pirates probably DEX & STR. There's no need to worry about the primary attributes' (STR CON DEX etc) exact figures since those are never used in play.
This is such an excellent thread that it deserves a bump. Thanks Tars Tarkas and S'mon, your write-ups will definitely help me out.

As stated elsewhere, I really enjoy your NPC creation guidelines S'mon, very nice.


I'd like to add my thanks to this thread. These NPC's are a godsend to a GM with little time on his hands...